Artificial Intelligence for Everyone-II

In the last blog we have saw up to the data and their types with some illustrations.Let us begin with the next step of AI.The people think that AI can do everything and the thing is that AI can do something and can’t do something.Like they can compute complex equations within real time,but they can’t understand the gestures of the different pedestrians in a self driving car.

AI can sometimes do beyond the humans,and thus gets their own value in the online platforms and software development.Command using speech recognition and the execution of the command are integrated by the AI teams who has Software engineers.Not only the AI engineers and AI researchers but also some business experts.


  • Learning simple concepts
  • Lot of data availability plays a vital role


  • Learning complex concepts from small set of data or small path.
  • To perform new types of data.

Building AI projects

It is not that much easy to start an AI project.It needs a large data for better understanding and predictive methods.

  • Workflow of Project
  • Selecting AI project
  • Organizing data and Feed for project

Key to build ML project

  • Collect data
  • Train model
  • Deploy model

Collect the data as much as possible that are easy to understand by the AI systems and then Train it.AI team knows it well than anyone.Then deploy the results and compare the performance of the AI project.The only thing is don’t expect the first victory,expect the first step instead.First time we should not expect the success of the AI project.As experience of the members and the Ai project more will be the success and understanding.

TOOLS for Machine Learning

  • TensorFlow
  • PyTorch
  • CNTK
  • MX Net
  • Caffe
  • R

these are ML learning Tools.Here we can learn about some predictive ways,hoe the software are detected to the resultant data.Like KNN clustering and other methods will be covered in the ML.All those implemented ML DL makes the AI.DL requires further understanding.Large neural networks are build for better performance.

What AI can do for your business? It must be valuable so there are two categories of dealing are Technical Diligence and Business Diligence.

Technical diligence and Business diligence have their differences.

Build your own AI project,no project is small,just start to explore the data and the performance.Software Engineers are tend to work for this a lot and obviously the supervision is must done by the researchers and the experts.

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Is it possible to develop a under water city.

Top Ten Engineering Predictions For The Glimpse

Our world is made up of 71 % of water, so why don’t we make use of all that places to live, what it would be like to live in the bottom of the ocean, and where will be get oxygen to breathe also what would we do do if there is an emergency evacuation so let’s find how all these possibilities can come true in this blog.

7 Things You Should Know About the Future of Underwater Cities

All living beings are once formulated from the water beings which the first living creature on water step down of it so we can also move towards it but now as a human; there is one thing standing between us and underwater living our body adapts to the living; if you dive 150 meters underwater without proper training are equipment like dive suit and goggles your lungs strivel to the size of a pop can and your veins will collapse. Moving all the way to the bottom of the ocean would feel as if you were being crushed under 1125 kilograms! And that might be equals to 14 trucks loaded with cement and let’s hope you somewhat escaped from all of this crushing part and now you will finished off for sure by decompression sickness, also known as THE BENDS. Because the nitrogen we inhale with oxygen will literally boils when the pressure moves up as a result your blood will become poisoned and deprived of oxygen also you are done which means you will expire by lots of pain.

Most common serious diving injury, is often called The Bends

Wait but that strikes our underwater dream. Absolutely no it just means we had need to dream smaller evidence would be rather small populated with few hundreds of goods swimmers at most we would live in small models made of steel glass and fibers designed for underwater use instead of going deep into the ocean he would settle above 100 meters under sea; we need to build live support systems that would maintain air composition, temperature and humidity. keeping a livable amount of oxygen in there would be a major concern. If you want to make our habitat self-sustaining, we need to figure out how we could grow plants over our places which produces their own oxygen.

Long Future Sustainability, clean technology and awesome ideas.

So now let’s think about how we would power up our Ocean civilization; with land based solar panels that would transmitter energy to habitant we could also use the waves by placing windmills over the underwater.

underwater wind turbines | Tidal energy, Tidal power, Tidal power station

Now let’s think about the food we would rely heavily on dehydrated food and canned supplies. But don’t forget about the fishes around you what would be like food is moving around you?; it’s the same idea of living under water with millions of fishes, so why not take advantage of the sea market. Our drinking water will be made up of distillation or condensation and all our waste would mostly be flushed out into the ocean.

Why the ocean holds the key to sustainable development | World Economic  Forum
HD wallpaper: school of gray fish, underwater, photography, divers, shoal  of fish | Wallpaper Flare

Underwater living isn’t without its dangers, though! Imagine a worst case scenario your glass gets a massive crack and water crime pages through your living space. Aur your life support system might fail leaving you to suffocate under sea. In order to stay safe, we need to perform regular evacuations drills and make sure our emergency alert system where up and running all the time. You,d be wise to keep an oxygen tank on hand and have a small submarine ready to shuffle you to to safety.

How did the superstructure flood in the last 20 minutes? | Encyclopedia  Titanica Message Board
Underwater Bicycle' Submarines Race It Out In U.K. Pool | HuffPost UK

The main thing about this is we already have all the technologies wanted to make the real life underwater living and so for the longest by an individual was managed to live underwater is 31 days, there are companies out there planning on building and underwater cities like this. Hey Apple are you going to do that ? Whether it’s safe enough of course some protections must be made because of the large aquatic animals might attack us hope one day this technology come because in 2100 sea level of earth will rise up to 66cm scientist say that and many places will go under water which includes Islands and for the more years leads to more meters drown on water. Thus it’s a precautions step we must think about the future on taking the lives underwater.

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First of all on seeing this title BALLISTIC MISSILE many would think what is a Ballistic Missile. The BALLISTIC MISSILE is a very high and a heavy weight arching trajectory is fired and target and destroy under the gravity.

The Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO) has just conducted a night testfire of Prithvi-II nuclear-capable surface-to-surface missile as a part of the Indian Army. The launched missile has a long range of 350KM was carried out from a mobile launcher from complex 3 of the Integrated Test Range at Balasore.


1. This was the First Missile to have been developed by DRDO under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme(IGMDP) and was already inducted into the armoury of defence from 2003.

2. It is Capable of carrying 500 to 1000 Kg of warheads is powered by the Liquid Proplusion twin engines.

3. It has a strike range of 350KM.

4. It uses an advanced trajectory to hit the target.


The Night Testfire has resulted in a very positive manner for the Indian Army. The Launch of the Prithvi-II a Night Testfire has isn’t a easy task and India has achieved it in an easier manner.

This PRITHVI-II Night fire has just boosted the confidence of our nation in the field of Defence.

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Will Samsung will destroy OnePlus’s market position with the Galaxy S20 FE

When OnePlus emerged on the scene not too long ago, it branded its smartphones as “flagship killers.” The company offered specs similar to what you could find in that year’s top Android flagships at a lower price. It was able to do that by cutting costs elsewhere, such as by using less premium materials in the build and not shipping a headset in the box.

OnePlus has established itself as one of the main players in the affordable flagship market. It didn’t matter if its phones matched devices like the Galaxy S20 spec-for-spec. What matered was that they sat between true flagships and premium mid-range devices like the Galaxy A71.

Samsung’s flagships had become expensive enough that they couldn’t compete on price alone and discounting them heavily soon after launch was not an option. So it decided to take a different strategy. This is perhaps the clearest indication yet from Samsung that it’s on a war path. Samsung is taking the fight to OnePlus and it has the potential to destroy the market position of OnePlus in the United States with the Galaxy S20 FE.

There’s a reason why Samsung didn’t call this phone the Galaxy S20 Lite even though it could be called a successor to the Galaxy S10 Lite. The word just doesn’t sit well with the marketing angle that Samsung is taking for this phone. It’s also not really a Lite variant since it has many flagship-level features. The company has also repeatedly reminded us in the press release and the virtual event that the Galaxy S20 FE is a “flagship.” It doesn’t want the device to be viewed as a watered down version of the Galaxy S20. Samsung is positioning the Galaxy S20 FE as a flagship in its own right.

That angle is key to ensuring that the device performs in the marketing as well as Samsung wants it to. The company doesn’t want people to think that it’s a budget device. It wants them to feel that they’re getting a true flagship for a great price, a phone that doesn’t make any compromises and provides them with some of the best technology that Samsung has to offer.

Samsung’s latest smartphone features a 6.5-inch Full HD+ resolution flat Super AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Need I remind you that nobody makes better OLED panels for mobile devices than Samsung? It also has support for expandable storage, fast wireless charging 2.0 and reverse wireless charging. These features are not available on the $899 OnePlus 8 Pro while the $699 OnePlus 8 doesn’t have the 120Hz refresh rate and has a smaller battery.

The Galaxy S20 FE starts at $699 in the United States. This is for the 5G variant that features the Snapdragon 865 processor, the very same processor that you find inside the US Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. It’s paired with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. These are bonafide high-end specs and the 4,500mAh battery capacity with 25W fast charging support is similar to that of the Galaxy S20+.

The display panel is protected by Gorilla Glass 5 but the Galaxy S20 FE’s back is made with a toughened plastic material that has a matte finish to prevent fingerprints and smudges. It has an IP68 dust and water resistance rating which is another thing that’s missing from the OnePlus handsets.

The biggest advantage that Samsung has over OnePlus is that of its brand recognition and its partnerships with carriers in the United States. Given the sheer numbers that Samsung sells every year, carriers are more than happy to work with Samsung and promote its products. The Galaxy S20 FE 5G is available from all major networks and also has a Verizon-exclusive variant that works on the carrier’s 5G Ultra Wideband network.

It’s easy to think that everyone reads dozens of reviews and watches every YouTube video they possibly can before buying a gadget just because it’s something we do. The vast majority of customers in the United States just walk into their carrier’s store when they want to upgrade or buy a new phone and they often rely on the advice of store representatives.

The salespeople are only going to push phones that they can sell in the store, they won’t tell people to go buy a phone that their employer does not carry. Carriers have a massive retail footprint in the United States. If you’ve ever been inside a carrier store in the United States, you will have seen that Samsung devices are always front and center. OnePlus is nowhere to be found.

Samsung’s brand recognition is also unmatched. It’s widely regarded as a trusted brand that makes quality products. Those who keep up with its products will already know of all the innovations that it introduced with the Galaxy S20 series. To be able to get most of them in a device that costs $699 and guaranteed three years of Android OS upgrades will be a no-brainer to them. There’s also the fact that the kind of money Samsung can throw on marketing and promotions is something OnePlus can’t match. If you want to get the most value out of your $699 Galaxy S20 FE, pre-order it and choose from either a free Galaxy Fit 2 activity tracker or an Xbox gaming bundle.

OnePlus exists in a niche. It caters to a subset of customers who are already in the know. Samsung has a far greater chance of capturing a sale even from someone who has no knowledge about chipsets and Android versions. That’s exactly why OnePlus’s market position is in danger, because Samsung has made it clear today it’s going to release Fan Edition versions of its new flagships every year. OnePlus has got a serious fight on its hands as Samsung will show no mercy. May the best affordable flagship win.

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Artificial Intelligence for Everyone-I

This is the part of AI function.Let us begin with the interesting topic that has already revealed in the heading. AI is one of the most developing sector of technology and has deep learning. Basically machine learning is meant for beginners and intermediates. Deep learning needs the help of ML. In this blog we see what is AI and what it can do and can’t do.


Yes, AI is a piece of technology and technological development. Everyone may came across this word AI. AI is Artificial Intelligence and it can compute what humans do and in some cases beyond the humans. AI helps each and everyone who are working for a better efficiency. Let me briefly explain what are these comprises of.I hereby illustrate with two to three main technologies involved in it.

There are two main property of AI


Many of us came across the word Machine Learning and Deep Learning which gives a good hand for lifting up the understanding.AI is the outermost circle and Machine learning is the middle circle and the deeper circle comprises of Deep learning.Here we can see the machine learning completely.

Machine learning is a tool of AI that reaches out the desired performance.Among the ML we have another most important uses of A to B mapping also stated as Supervised learning.

  • Self driving cars
  • Alexa, Google Assistant, Baidu

Self driving cars are common these days, many of us see a video of self driving cars,anyone know how it works? AI is integrated with so many SENSORS,LIDAR to get accurate way. Still,camera detects the other cars, pedestrians,and lanes for limit. These sensors set their limit likely maintaining distance,alerts the steering in order to prevent collision with the environment. Images and videos are more important for prediction of the way. The thing is it needs a lot of storage space.Self driving cars generally asks for Destiny which is located by GPS.And they drive in a speed which are programmed by a Software Engineers. They maintain the speed,steering deviations etc.

In the case of Alexa,Google Assistant and Baidu they have multi-functioning task.They are listed below.

  • Detect the trigger word
  • Speech Recognition
  • Intent Recognition
  • Execute

Alexa,Google Assistant will find the trigger word like “Hey Alexa” or “Hey Google” and thus the device gets on to the user.If the user gives a command like “Tell me a joke”,the device then connects to a large neural network and executes to our speech.So the plan comes by the sequence Trigger word followed by Speech recognition,intent recognition,execute.Some time the user can have a communication with the device and get the desired output.Still more desired outputs can be obtained by the user using a large neural network.This is called AI pipeline

Most of the AI integrated systems works with neural network.Like human’s brain,in AI the neural network plays a vital role.One who build a large neural network gains the best performance rather than the smaller neural networks.You may ask me what is the neural network,as stated it is the brain of AI like humans.Kind of Human neurons that passes million and trillions of responses and transfers a large amount of data to human body.Same way the neural networks help the AI to perform better than the regular human brains.

The Ai team constructs their projects based on the data available.So coming to the next chamber there are two types of datum.One is the Structured data and the other one is the Unstructured data.They are not so far difference.Structured data has more details that are virtually understood by anyone like an Index of a Book or Bill of any product and food items.Where as the unstructured data is not that much easy to understand and it needs some patience to extract the content like .mkv, .avi . These are some of the data that the AI team works with.

There are some other data like Trained data and Test data.Test data are nothing but the data that they needs to test how efficiently the data works with their trained data.trained data are already prepared by the AI team that are in sense will provide a better performance over the test data.Data are simple in words,but are complex in extraction and processing.

The next part is going to be the Playbook,ML strength and Weakness.

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10 Rarest elements on Earth, less than 1 gram available…

This it part 2 of the rarest elements on earth. Check out part 1-

5- Protactinium

A few parts per trillion of Protactinium is available of the earth’s surface, while about 125grams can be produced.

Protactinium is highly radioactive and also has a high toxicity. While Protactinium is mostly extracted from spent nuclear fuel, it is found naturally. It is an undesired byproduct in thorium reactor.

4- Francium

About 20-30 grams of Francium is available naturally on earth. A few hundred francium atoms can be produced synthetically.

There are currently 34 known isotopes of Francium, ranging in atomic mass from 199 to 232. Only Francium-223 and Francium-221 occur naturally and only in trace amounts. It is believed to be a highly reactive metal.

3- Berkelium

A few milligrams are produced by nuclear reactors, and only 1 gram of this element has been intentionally produced, by the US.

While being non existing naturally, scientists have produced enough Berkelium to know that it is a soft, silvery-white, radioactive metal.

2- Oganesson

It is the 118th element in the periodic table. Only a milligrams is produced as byproduct in nuclear reactors, and just over 1 gram was ever produced by the United States since it was first discovered.

Oganesson is one of the rarest synthetic elements and only a few atoms have ever been produced. The radioactive element is highly unstable and has an extremely short half life of only 0.89 milliseconds.

1- Astatine

Astatine is the rarest element on earth. Not even 1 gram of it is available on earth’s crust. Only 0.05 micrograms has ever been produced artificially.

Scientists have only been able to produce At-210 and At-211, both of them were not pure samples, as the pure form of Astatine would evaporate instantly by its own heat due to radiation.

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10 Rarest elements on Earth, less than 1 gram available…

According to the periodic table, the first two columns are considered to be rare earth elements, though, that name is misleading. Actually, elements like sodium, lithium and other elements are present in abundance when compared to the following elements.

10- Neptunium

Only a trace amount is present naturally on earth surface, but about 60,000 kilograms of it is produced every year by nuclear power plants as a by product which decays into other elements.

Having an atomic number as 93, it is commonly used as a Precursor in Plutonium production; used in devices for detecting high-energy (MeV) neutrons, radioisotope thermal generators to provide electricity for spacecraft.

9- Curium

It is still unknown if it is present naturally, on earth, but several kilos of Curium is produced every year as byproducts.

Curium is a transuranic radioactive chemical element that was named for Marie and Pierre Curie, who were known for their research on radioactivity. Although Curium had probably already been produced in previous nuclear experiments, it wasn’t intentionally produced until 1944.

8- Americium

Only trace amounts is possible on the earth crust. A few kilograms of this element is produced every year.

There are trace amounts of Americium naturally in uranium minerals as a result of nuclear reactions, its existence in nature has yet to be confirmed. Instead, Americium is produced by uranium or plutonium being bombarded with neutrons in nuclear reactors.

7- Californium

It is not available naturally, and only about half a gram of Californium is produced every year.

Though it is very limited, it is used in a variety of things like, start up nuclear reactors, nuclear synthesis of higher mass elements, neutron moisture gauges, used as a neutron source to identify gold and silver ores through a technique known as neutron activation, neutrons used as a treatment of certain cervical and brain cancers and many other uses.

6- Promethium

Being one of the scarcest element, only 500 to 600 mg of it exists on the earth crust, at any given time.

Most of the naturally occurring Promethium can be found in uraninite ore deposits. Synthetic Promethium is recovered from the byproducts of uranium fission. used mainly for scientific research, but Promethium-147 used in luminous paint, atomic batteries, and thickness measurement devices.

Part 2, coming soon.

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What if an asteroid targets to hit earth

Imagine asteroid coming nearby and that might hit the earth in a massive way which dinosaurs went extent in this post let’s see what we can do as precautions and to destroy the asteroid with our own weapons nukes

Nuclear weapons might save the world from an asteroid strike – but we need  to change the law first

This is the point where asteroid is very big and it’s very fast and about to do a lot of damage to our own earth so do you think the NASA and the US army I will sit and wait for this of course not we will fight with all the resources we have! , Let’s imagine if we nuke that asteroid and what would happen it’s a good sign or a worst-case; let’s see in this blog.

Massive Asteroids Approaching Earth in 2020: Gigantic 800m Rock to Fly By  in November

First we should know about a nuclear blast on space and nuclear blast on earth.

India 2175 the asteroid Bennu will pass by earth and there is 1 in 2000 chance that it will hit us; Bennu is taller than empire state building and 15 times heavier than the Great pyramid of Giza. If it hit the earth it would release I am much energy 23 Tsar bombers which is the largest hydrogen bomb ever exploded by USSR and for NASA this is a Hypervelocity asteroid mitigation mission for emergency response also known as hammer. This is the plan to ram into an incoming asteroid or to detonate nuke that will send it of our line. What will be the effects on doing that what sort of repercussions could we expect? The sooner we find an asteroid coming in our way the more safer we will be. For example we discovered and asteroid coming before any year we have to change its side a few centimetres so that it’s Path will be changed , to do this we could detonate a nuclear bomb a few hundred metres away from the asteroid causing its to change its path and moving away from the earth or if that doesn’t work we could crash a powerful hydrogen bomb we have. But if something happens wrong over there there are many chances that asteroid could end in our earth

NASA's 'Hammer' Will Be No Match for Asteroid Bennu in Unlikely 2135  Collision, Study Says | The Weather Channel

Nuking in outer space will be much more safer than doing it in surface of earth which no atmosphere out their only vacuum the glass would disappear completely, but the radiation will be much more stronger.

While the people on your will be always safe seeing a mighty glowing object over the night sky but if some space ships around there they will be risking their lives; so keeping the risk in mind as many preventing casualties as possible this mission should be in fully automated manner. Assuming that something doesn’t go wrong kind of AI mutiny I know you are thinking of 2001 space Odyssey but we can control this automated machine from earth. So we can movie side of our path if that isn’t too big and such bigger asteroids must use another method called DART known as “DOUBLE ASTEROID REDIRECTION TEST” NASA is planning into slamming an asteroid in 2022 to change its orbit. This impact would equal to 3 tons of TNT this incident would be the first man-made meteorite shower, and if it works it could be a blueprint of how we could deal with asteroids in future.

In Depth | DART – NASA Solar System Exploration

So the space bombs we use would be million times stronger than DART and also we got the amazing weapons called nukes that are very powerful another thing we should look after that is space debris.

Satellite crashes, asteroid impacts and space weather pose big risks, US  lawmakers say | Space

The debris schooled severely damage our satellites and endanger any astronauts in the international space station; also any larger chunks of asteroids found their ways to earth they could create craters to 20 times their size after all we know that nuking asteroids would lead humanity to live longer in this earth but nuking it close to earth would cost another disaster.

We are living in the debris field of an ancient asteroid collision - CNET

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The most anticipated and expected event of the year has just happened. Ya you guessed it right it’s APPLE’S EVENT. In this we see the happenings of the event.

Apple has had a busy year having released the iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, iPhone SE and revamped MacBook Air. With the coronavirus pandemic underway, there have been doubts that an Apple Special Event would take place, but the event was confirmed on September 11 on 10.30(IST).

Many major fitness and health related updates has also been announced. Apple Watch Series 6 with a red sensor along with Blood Oxygen (SPO2) measurement systems, an iPad Air with A14 Bionic and 5 nanometre chip — a first for a consumer product.


10:40 PM: Updates in Apple watches

Apple takes “a big leap forward for Apple Watch” in the form of WatchOS 7 which comes with Sleep Tracking, Bedtime features and Handwashing Timer.

Unlike the green sensor in previous Apple Watches, Apple Watch Series 6 comes with a red sensor along with Blood Oxygen (SPO2) measurement systems.

10:43 PM: Red product of Apple Watch

10:52 PM: New Band Design

Apple announces a new design ethos for their Watch bands they are: single loop, braided bands, revised leather straps and more.

10:56 PM: 6 Series Watch pricing

Availability starts September 18 with India dates to be confirmed by Apple India, for both Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE

11:05 PM Apple’s Fitness+

Apple Watch announces Fitness+ an in-house fitness service with 10 workout routines — yoga, strength, rowing, mindful cool-downs, among others — from expert trainers from around the world. The module is touted to be Apple’s direct competition to third-party apps like Nike Training, Asana Rebel, and more.

This suite of workouts can be found in the Activity app in your Watch-connected iPhone. It also connects to Apple Music to stream mood-appropriate music to keep workout moods elevated.

11:11 PM: One Subscription for all Platforms

Apple One, a subscription-based suite of in-house apps, has been announced. One can access all the subscriptions across Apple (Music, Fitness+, Arcade,etc) for a single fixed price. India prices to be confirmed.

11:18 PM: 8th Gen iPad

Another addition to the iPad family: iPad 8th Generation with the A12 Bionic Chip with iPad OS 14, 10.2 inch Retina Display. This iPad, available September 18 (India launch date to be confirmed) is geared towards the budget-conscious creative professional who wants to edit images, create graphic designs, and create videos. Its pricing starts at US$329.

11:25 PM: iPad AIR Faster Transfer of Files

The new iPad Air sports a redesigned metal chassis and new colours including rose gold. There’s a 10.9 inch Liquid Retina Display at 2360×1640 pixels. iPad Air comes with the A14 Bionic chipset, the first 5 nanometre chip on a consumer device. It comes with USB-C for faster data transfer, and new rear and front cameras. Prices start at US$599, available next month.

11:34 PM: Event Done with No announcement on iPhone 12 Series

With no iPhones announced at Time Flies, Tim Cook closes off the event, mentioning all new devices will ship with the new operating systems. India-specific updates will be coming soon.

Thus the APPLE’S Event has concluded in an smooth exciting manner having some great updates.

Guys do comment below your views and opinion on this event of APPLE’S TIME FLIES.

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LG Wing’s Dual-Display Phone With ‘Swivel Mode’, Gimbal Camera Launched: Specifications

LG Wing will initially arrive in South Korea, followed by key markets North America and Europe.


  • LG Wing comes with a hinge mechanism that rotates the main display
  • The smartphone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G SoC
  • LG Wing comes with a Gimbal Motion Camera feature

Wing New ERA:

LG Wing has been unveiled as the company’s first device under the Explorer Project that is aimed to bring new usability concepts to the smartphone market. The smartphone comes with two distinct displays – one of which is a swivel screen that rotates clockwise in 90 degrees to enable new use cases. LG has also offered various software tweaks to support the unique form factor and provide an enhanced multitasking experience. The LG Wing features a hinge mechanism that uses a thermoplastic polyoxymethylene at the back of the main screen to facilitate smoother swivelling and to prevent scratches on the second screen, the company claims. For selfies, the LG Wing comes with a pop-up selfie camera.

LG Wing availability details:

LG Wing price is yet to be revealed. However, the phone is set to debut in South Korea starting October, followed by key markets in North America and Europe. It will be offered in Aurora Gray and Illusion Sky colour options. Moreover, there are no details on whether or when the phone would launch in India.

LG Wing specifications, features:


The LG Wing features the hinge that uses a hydraulic damper along with dual spring and dual lock to enable the rotation of the main screen. LG claims that the hinge mechanism has been tested for as much as 200,000 swivels. Also, the company has applied thermoplastic polyoxymethylene at the back of the main screen. The material is often used in precision parts for high stiffness and low friction. It is touted to help prevent scratches on the second screen.

The new form factor brings Basic Mode and Swivel Mode as the two options to bring a differentiated user experience. In the Swivel Mode, the company says that the entire front of the phone rotates clockwise in 90 degrees and orients the main screen in landscape mode. This brings a wide-screen experience and allows users to interact with the second screen even while watching videos on the main screen.

LG has partnered with platforms including YouTube and Tubi to enable the Wing smartphone to play videos on the main screen while offering comments or the search bar on the second screen. The second screen can also work as a media controller while playing videos on the main screen.

The pre-installed Naver Whale browser is also optimised for the new form factor. Further, LG has tied up with platforms such as Rave and Ficto to utilise the second screen for displaying content while playing videos full screen on the main screen.

Aside from the new video playback experiences, the LG Wing comes with a Multi App feature that lets users create shortcuts for pairs of apps that they want to use simultaneously on both main and second screens. The smartphone also comes with a Grip Lock that once enabled, makes the second screen as a grip and brings information such as time and date, without responding to any accidental touches.

In terms of specifications, the dual-SIM (Nano) LG Wing runs on Android 10 with Q OS on top and features a 6.8-inch full-HD+ (1,080×2,460 pixels) P-OLED FullVision panel as the main screen, while its second screen is a 3.9-inch full-HD+ (1,080×1,240 pixels) G-OLED panel. The main screen has a 20.5:9 aspect ratio and 395ppi of pixel density. However, the second screen comes with an odd, 1.15:1 aspect ratio and a pixel density of 419ppi.

The LG Wing is powered by octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G SoC, paired with 8GB of RAM. The smartphone comes with a triple rear camera setup that houses a 64-megapixel primary sensor with an f/1.8 lens, 13-megapixel secondary sensor with an f/1.9 ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 12-megapixel tertiary sensor with an f/2.2 ultra-wide-angle lens. There is also a hexa-motion stabiliser.

The presence of dual ultra-wide-angle lenses on the LG Wing powers a Gimbal Motion Camera feature that lets users control the camera angle using a virtual joystick on the second screen. The feature also comes with a lock to reduce shakes and blurring effects as well as a follow mode for optimising videos when moving, pan follow for horizontal movement. All this enables a real gimbal-like experience, the company said.

For capturing selfies and enabling video chats, the LG Wing comes with a 32-megapixel camera sensor on the pop-up module, along with an f/1.9 lens.

The LG Wing comes in 128GB and 256GB of onboard storage options that both are expandable via microSD card (up to 2TB). Connectivity options include 5G, 4G LTE-A, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth v5.1, NFC, GPS/ A-GPS, and a USB Type-C port. There is an in-display fingerprint sensor. Further, the phone comes with an IP54-rated water- and dust-resistant chassis. There is also a 3D Sound Engine.


LG has provided a 4,000mAh battery on the Wing that supports Quick Charge 4.0+ 25W fast charging and 10W wireless charging. Besides, the phone measures 169.5×74.5×10.9mm and weighs 260 grams.

command what did do like in the new LG Wing👇🏻

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Remarkable events likely to happen before year 2100

With the growing rate of advancements being made, everyday, technology is expected to be unimaginable in the future. We’ve come a long way, since the invention of fire and wheels. Here are some of the great events, expected to occur in the 21st century.

2021- NASA’s James Webb Telescope launch

The developing IR space telescope is expected to be completed and launched in the year 2021. It is going to have the longest range, ever designed by humans, which can detect the electro magnetic waves, coming from the edge of the observable universe.

2024- The Moon Missions resume

There have been no active Apollo missions, since the last mission in 1972, to send a man to moon. Now, NASA is expected to send men to the moon again, by 2024, to land on the lunar south pole and explore the moon.

2024- The Mars mission

Through the work of SpaceX, humans are expected to leave earth, to set their foot on Mars, with hopes of colonizing it. By the year 2025, humans will reach mars and setup camps over there. By the year 2050, humans would have properly colonized mars.

2029- Asteroid alert!

By the year 2029, the Apophis asteroid is expected to fly as close as 30k kilometres (19k miles) from earth’s surface.

2061- The famous Halley’s comet returns on the night sky

Last seen in the year 1986, the comet, depicted in various art forms, by various cultures, is going to return in the year 2061. It is one of the few comets, that can be seen through the naked eye. Returning every 75-76 years, it is a wonder, that can be seen twice in a lifetime, by a few people.

2069- NASA probe launched to explore nearby star

By the year 2069, a NASA’S probe is launched, heading towards our closest neighbouring star, the Aplha Centauri, to search for life beyond the solar system.

2075- Ozone layer repaired

A series of events are expected to occur. The hole in the Ozone layer is completely healed, which would reduce the impact of the UV radiation from the sun.

Air pollution would be at its maximum potential, leading to various problems.

2095- Amazon rainforest disappears

The Amazon rainforest is gone, all the trees cut down, the ecosystem destroyed.

2100- The human population skyrockets

The human population grows to a ginormous, 11.5 billion individuals, while 100s of species of birds and animals go extinct. We would become a civilization of planetary travel…

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Sneak Peek into the “Smart Ring” worn by Mumbai Indians to fight against COVID-19

The defending champion Mumbai Indians have taken the Covid-19 precautionary protocol to the next level with the launch of a special ‘Smart Ring’. The ring is a personal health tracking tool to be worn by each team member present in Abu-Dhabi for the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League.

The Oura Ring is packed with infrared LEDs, NTC temperature sensors, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope integrated into a 25oz ring-shaped device designed to be worn on a finger. Image Credits – FIERE Electronics

This ring is similar to the ‘Oura smart ring’ adopted by the NBA and WNBA as a potential tool for helping prevent any outbreaks of the novel coronavirus as those two leagues get back to a regular schedule of play.

The Oura Ring is a health tracker unlike any other wear for the same purpose. It is an almost indistinguishable ring from the real ring without the clever features, available with a few different designs and many finishes. The ring has sensors located inside, but these add a bit to its overall weight and are completely hidden when the ring is inserted.

Inside the Oura Ring. Video credit Oura

Despite its small size and low profile, the Oura Ring remains a connected device, has an internal battery, and the ability to talk to a smartphone via Bluetooth to transmit information it collects. In the box, you also get the Oura Ring’s USB-C configuration which enables it to charge for import.

Image Credits: Darrell Etherington

The built-in battery is good for up to seven days of continuous use – and that includes wearing an Oura Ring at bedtime. At the time of my use, that seemed like an accurate measure. In general, however, the battery life just seemed to be “long enough,” encouraging me not to think about it from time to time, and charging is so fast that it’s easy to remember to just put it in the dock whenever it’s convenient (I used to do this during work day while at my desk. -Oura). The Oura app sends useful alerts to remind you to charge before bedtime as you approach the end of your battery life.

Whether the Oura Ring can accurately detect COVID-19 or the onset of symptoms is still under question, but nevertheless, it is a good health tracking tool and a great tool for anyone who wants more control over how they feel on a daily basis.

And by actively establishing an individual baseline and comparing your actual overall state to that every day, Oura provides one of the best potential platforms for long-term personal wellness insight out there.

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Layer by Layer: Secutiy Patches-FIREWALL

Hey friends, we alreay know these technologies. Let us know how it works in a brief manner. Let me ask you a question, is Firewall a hardware based or software based? Yes, I too have such doubts within me. And I began to read such technologies to know more and more about it.

The firewall acts as a barrier between the untrusted networks and trusted networks. They control the incoming packages and outgoing packages by certain rules. It mainly based on Software and Hardware. Some attackers may use TCP or UDP by sending PACKAGES. So these can be controlled. Software based firewalls are defult in OS what we use. If we want a better firewall we can buy a Anti-virus. They can protect your data and secure network, they often ask for the permissions that you have set for any task. Mostly they can understand the task if it’s declined manually.

Every softwares have some Encryption which seems to have some patches or layer. They are not that much easy to break encrypted patches. Firewalls are hardware based also. They control the traffic network and takes you to secure network.

Not only they control the traffic, but also they filter the packages that try to gain access of your computer. Hopefully everyone who read this blog knows the importance of IP address, these firewall helps in securing the IP of your system. The malicious attacks can be prevented using these types of procedures. Before the usage of firewall, the user need to input the information about the block networks.

These firewall have layers, as per the user they can fix. These layers are not that much easy to break. More over it’s offensive too. If any malicious wants to gain access they needs to do a huge process.Only the user can access the secure network.

Most of us are common with encryption and decryption. Every devices based on useage and values have their own encryption. Wi-Fi router has some types of encryption,Mobile Hotspot has some type of encryption etc. Likewise firewall also has, and software based firewalls are good but hardware based firewalls ensure our secutiry. By default, in Windows OS we are incorporated with Windows Defender, which has the access of OPEN PORTS. These can be analysed and prevented. They can be closed by changing the settings.

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Top 10 Nikola Tesla’s inventions part – 2

Hello guys if you didn’t see our last post on Nicolas Tesla’s inventions part-1 read that and come back to see this amazing work.

No government will allow you to produce free electricity for entire civilization the words said by Nikola Tesla is totally true. Come let’s see his another five top inventions.


In early 20th century the world saw the rise of piston engine in automobiles. In an attempt to compete against the piston engine, Tesla developed his own turbine. It was bladeless and used disks that spun in a chamber. It working what’s that fuel was combusted before entering the main chamber that contained the discs. The combustion would make the disc rotate which run the engine; when he tested the engine in 1909, it got 60 percentage fuel efficiency which is impressive considering that currently we only get 42 % fuel to energy conversion rates in piston engine. We all know that business is more important than inventions in that old days; so people saw more value in piston engine because of fuel cells and it becomes the norm that is still in use today.

How the Tesla Turbine Works | Tesla turbine, Tesla, Nikola tesla
Small Tesla Turbine | 3D CAD Model Library | GrabCAD


This motor uses alternating current and it essentially has two parts stator and rotor; in this stator stay stationary and it uses electromagnets to spin the rotor that is middle of it. Induction motors are noted for being durable easy to maintain and they are cheap to run in 1880s there was two people who are working separately on induction motor they are TESLA and GALILEO FERRARI in Italy. They both presented their findings in in 1888, Ferrari presenting his engine 2 months before Tesla presenting his. However Tesla’s patents held up under the weight of evidence. both developed the same technology and came to the same independent conclusion, Tesla filed his patent first induction motor was incredibly influential and it is still used everyday’s product like vacuums, blow dryers etc.

Alternating Current & the induction motor - Open Tesla Research


Many year the Niagara falls commission was looking for a company to build a hydroelectric plant that would honest the mighty power of the falls. At first they considered Thomas Edison’s direct current plant but after witnessing Tesla’s alternating current that was offered by westinghouse electric, Westinghouse was offered the contract in 1893. Westinghouse used to design from Tesla and the biggest problem was getting and keeping funding for Sachin ambitious task that a lot of people doubted would work. But when the switch was flipped on November 16 1896, the Adams power plant transformer how is worked and started powering the city of buffalo New York 10 more generators build and they helped power New York city. The plants was considered a revolutionary and set their standards for the modern hydroelectric power plants.

Adams Power Plant Transformer House - Wikipedia
Adams Power Plant Transformer House - Wikipedia


In 1898 at the electrical exhibition at Madison Square gardens, Tesla showed off an invention and he called it as tele automation and it was a boat that was controlled by radio waves. She didn’t even have a patent on it because department office doesn’t want to issue one on something they I didn’t think was feasible but at the exhibition hi fruit that it was possible he control the boat that had some batteries on it. Through the radio waves he controlled the popular and even the lights on the boat. This invention was a big first in three different areas the first is remote controls radio waves that control object are seen in everyday life such as television remote secondly the board is also one of the earliest robots it was a mechanical object that would be controlled without a human physically touching and finally the come combined process of robotics and radio technology makes Tesla boat the greatest grandfather of drones.

Tesla's toy boat: A drone before its time | Engadget
Nikola Tesla « J. VanDomelen Mil/Aero Blog


I know everyone are waiting for this because the winning over Thomas Alva Edison is not easy it happened because only of this alternating current. Nikola Tesla contribution to alternating current it is very important to note that he did not invent our even discover AC but his invention made AC applicable for widespread use and it helped electrify the world. The story of Tesla AC current came to the dominant power system is impossible to talk without out Thomas Alva Edison. in his early career Tesla worked for Edison whose company had developed direct current; DC is similar to a battery the problem with DC is that about a mile away from the power generator the electricity gets weaker that is when Tesla developed is advancement in AC not only spent power but also sends power back to the source this made it much more feasible to send large amount of energy over large area. Edison hated AC and thought Tesla was completely wrong on the topic. This led to a rift between them which lead to a current wars in America and Tesla quitted. While Tesla was unemployed he worked odd jobs until he was able to raise money for Tesla electric company. However that caught the attention of engineer and businessman George Westinghouse who bought most of medicines that tense involving AC. This is where the game started to glow up the entire world the fair in 1893 Chicago city was lighted up with a glowing bulb powered by AC current edition and Westinghouse both submitted quits Edison said he would light the whole fare for $554,000 ; but Westinghouse said that he could do it for $399,000 so Westinghouse won the contract after the fire AC become more popular and it is the dominant electrical system that we still use today

10 Inventions That Make Nikola Tesla One Of The Greatest Scientists Of All  Time
The Real History That Inspired the Movie 'The Current War' | Time

What do you think about these inventions comment your favourite below.

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Top 10 inventions of NIKOLA TESLA PART 1

The only scientist thought to give free electricity all over to the humans; is none other then Nikola Tesla but he didn’t get any prizes which he deserved but he won many other than awards.

The top ten invention of Nikola Tesla’s over his 300 patents are here.

10. The Tesla coil.

This is the coil which Nikola Tesla made to to transmit the electricity without wires and this invention has two coils a primary one and the secondary each coil has its own capacitor like a battery; the coils are connected to a spark gap which is just open air. In results the Tesla coil can generate this can shoot lightning bolts, send electric current through the body and create electron winds; anyway this tesla’s invention is not in in today’s plan as he thinked of using this as alternate for wires but it is used for entertainment purpose and can be seen in places like science centres although people may not use it; but this made scientist to understand the nature of electricity.

Tesla coil - Wikipedia


Some evidences that Tesla knows about electricity before the inventor Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. This invention include which is destroyed by the fire occurred on his lab in 1895 shortly before the inventor discovered that ( Conrad) Tesla is considered to be the first person in America to take an x-ray picture shadow graph of a foot with the shoe on it and send it with the letter to Conrad, he congratulated him on his Discovery and Conrad road to Tesla that she took A remarkable clear shadow graph in which Shadow graphs are mainly used to who developed the modern day x-ray.

Foot and shoe X-ray, 1896 - Stock Image - C034/5128 - Science Photo Library

8. Neon lamp.

Of course the fluorescent and neon lights are not discovered by Tesla but he contributed a lot for it to the advancement of both in the time no one is working with cathode rays, where electrons observed in vacuum tube like neon lights, really came up with practical application for the technology Tesla saw this opportunity and started experimenting with running electrical practicals through gases and he developed four different types of lights she converted black light into visible light using a phosphorescent substance that he created he also found particle use for such a technology when we created lamps and neon. So we must thanks for the moving star in our sky; I’m  joking! Because neon lights are used in Aero planes.

Neon Lamps light - Nikola Tesla Inventions | Techcody


Let me be clear the inventor of radio still a mystery; but in 1895 Tesla was getting ready to transmit a radio signal 50 miles before he could do that this lab burnt down and it delayed the testing in the same time in England and Italian man named Guglielmo Marconi was working on wireless telegraphy he was granted with a pan 10 on England in 1896 for this device this system was much different than the one Tesla built; because he used transmit over long distance such as the Atlantic Tesla’s invention would use multiple circuits, which would make it much stronger Tesla submitted his patent in 1897 on the United States and it was granted in 1900 and when Marconi is radio patent in in 1900 to the US office, it was turned down because it was too similar to Tesla’s and the undeterred, Marconi started his own company called Marconi wireless telegraph company limited and it had powerful backers including Tesla’s rival people. In 1904 without giving a clear reason, the patent office reversed their decision and said the Marconi’s patent was valid, making him inventor of radio and Marconi won the Nobel prize in 1911 and in 1915, Tesla sued Marconi’s corporation at that point of life Tesla was too poor to take a major Corporation. the case wasn’t settled until a few months after test last death in 1943 when the US supreme court upheld test last patent how were the reason for that is during that time Marconi suing the the United States power. What do you think? this story is bigger than current was right!

Invention of radio - Wikipedia
The Nikola Tesla inventions that should have made the inventor famous - CNN


Tesla first thought that he would do that in higher altitudes and after getting some funds he setup a lab in Colorado spring in 1899 there he build the most power full Tesla coil called THE MAGNIFYING TRANSMITTER in which it had 3 Tesla coils and over 52 feet diameter and generated over millions of electric volt which shot a lightening bolt of 130 feet and that was the biggest lightening ever man made in that time and also the problem was Tesla was too ambitious and ahead of his time because the wireless electricity wouldn’t be developed until the mid 2010 or 2015 so this vision provided him a great move i.e free electricity for all the people and after finical back out the project was drop out in early 1915, this project also ruined Tesla making him a bankrupt.

Magnifying transmitter - Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla: Magnifying Transmitter ~ Photographs

Hope you liked this wait for the next five because Tesla had so much patient so you should have that too.

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APPLE’S 2020 EVENT PLANS & EXPECTATIONS- Does Apple Changed it’s Logo??

As the entire world is getting back to Business post Covid Lockdowns. The Iconic Apple Company has also planning to conduct their 2020 Launch Event. The APPLE has confirmed that it’s biggest event of 2020 will be happening on the 15th of September.


The Event will be hosted at Steve Job’s Theatre in California at 10 am Local and 10.30(IST). The Event has gained a huge amount of attention among global audience as already speculations about Launches and Updates are making their rounds.


There are rumours spreading around about the Launch of New iPhone series commonly as iPhone 12 series but only on that day we get know is it true or not. From the Invite TIME FLIES we can infer that there would many Updates regarding Apple Watches. The Updates might be that Apple Watch Series 6 would get a tracker to monitor Oxygen Saturation in blood. Sleep Tracking and a Improved Battery Life are also being expected in this Event. Along with this Apple has also planned to launch iOS 14 in this event.

The iPhone which are expected to be lined up in this Launch are iPhone 12, iPhone 12MAX, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max. These are the First Sets of iPhones expected to be launched without a Charger and Earphones.

Apart from this the other Apple products like iPad Air 4, Homepod, updated Apple TV, a new ARM based processor MAC is also being expected to be launched during this event.


Most of us on seeing the APPLE’S EVENT 2020 LOGO would have thought what’s this has Apple changed it’s ICONIC LOGO. But the thing is that they have just released a new LOGO for this Event. So APPLE lovers just relax and chill.

Guys Do comment below how excitedly are you waiting for this APPLE’S EVENT 2020 and say what’s are your expectations for this event. Don’t Forget the date it’s September 15.

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India has successfully tested scramjet technology for hypersonic missiles

India on Monday successfully tested an indigenously-developed hypersonic technology demonstrator vehicle (HSTDV) powered by a Scramjet Engine.

The HSTDV test, conducted from the Dr Abdul Kalam Island off the Odisha coast at 11.03 am to demonstrate the autonomous flight of a scramjet integrated vehicle, propelled India right into an extremely exclusive hypersonic club consisting of the US, Russia and China as of now.

Only the United States, Russia and China have developed technologies to field fast-maneuvering hypersonic missiles that fly at lower altitudes and are extremely hard to track and intercept. 

India could develop hypersonic cruise missiles powered by air-breathing scramjet engines in about four years, a top government officer said on the condition of anonymity. Mach 6 translates into a speed of 7,408 kmph.

The three countries, of course, are leagues ahead in the race to develop aerodynamically manoeuverable hypersonic (over Mach 5 speeds) weapons that can defeat enemy missile defence systems. China, in fact, flaunted its DF-17 missile with a hypersonic glide vehicle at its national military parade last year.

In the Indian test on Monday, the hypersonic `cruise vehicle sustained its scramjet-powered flight path at a velocity of six times the speed of sound (Mach 6, or nearly 2-km per second) for 22-24 seconds. It auto-ignited to fly on its own after separating from the `launch vehicle’, which took it to an altitude of 30-km.

The launch vehicle, in turn, was powered by the proven solid-propellant rocket motor of an Agni ballistic missile.

“It’s a major technological breakthrough. The air-breathing scramjet engine was successfully flight-tested at hypersonic speed within the atmosphere, meeting all technical parameters. The test paves the way for development of many more critical technologies, materials and hypersonic vehicles,” said DRDO chairman Dr.G Satheesh Reddy.

If you know more powerful missile, do comment your favorite missile.

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US startup unrevealed battery made from nuclear waste that could last up to 28,000 years

U.S. startup NDB, a company that says it has created the first and only universal, self-charging nano-diamond battery that provides thousands of years of charge, announced that two of its proofs of concept achieved a breakthrough 40% charge. This is a significant improvement over commercial diamonds, which have only a 15% charge collection efficiency. 

The two proofs of concept were led by University of Cambridge physicist Sir Michael Pepper, and in both cases the 40% charge achieved was attributed to the batteries’ nanodiamond surface treatment that actively extracts the electric charge from the diamond, allowing the battery to make use of significantly more power than any other battery before it.

“Our team is bringing together leaders in the nanotechnology, nuclear science and diamond fields with military, academic and research backgrounds, and combining our unique mix of expertise has made it possible for us to crack the code in developing this groundbreaking, life-changing solution,” Nima Golsharifi, CEO and co-founder of NDB, said in a media statement.

“We are extremely concerned about the welfare of the planet and are focused on lowering climate change to protect our planet for future generations. With the NDB battery, we have achieved a massive, groundbreaking, proprietary technological breakthrough of a battery that is emission-free, lasts thousands of years, and only requires access to natural air in order to power devices.”

When he says thousands of years, Golsharifi means approximately 28,000 years of battery life for cell phones, aircraft, rockets, electric vehicles, sensors, and other devices and machinery. 

According to the executive, the company has already secured two beta customers for its solution, including a leader in nuclear fuel cycle products and services and a leading global aerospace, defense and security manufacturing company. 

Golsharifi said that the development of the first NDB commercial prototype battery is currently underway and will be available later this year. 

How it works

The battery is known as Diamond Nuclear Voltaic(DNV), where a combination of a semiconductor, metal, and ceramic has two contact surfaces to facilitate charge collection. Several single units are attached together to create a stack arrangement, which is fabricated to create a positive and negative contact surface similar to a common battery system. Every layer of the DNV stack consists of a high-energy output source.

Within the DNV, radioisotopes are placed in a way that facilitates inelastic scattering originated due to the presence of a single crystalline diamond in the unit. At the same time, stacks along with the source are coated with a layer of polycrystalline diamond, which is known for being the most thermally conductive and hardest material and also has the ability to contain the radiation within the device. 


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The first helicopter on its way to Mars.

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter launched with the Perseverance rover on July 30.

The first helicopter designed to fly to another planet is now enroute to Mars.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA’s helicopter, called Ingenuity, took off for to the Red Planet along with Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, with the help of Atlas V rocket from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on July 30.

Placed under the rover’s stomach, Ingenuity will spend the next six months on its way to Mars. The campaign is scheduled to land on Mars on February 18, 2021, and in the next few months the rotorcraft will attempt to fly for the first time in another planetary atmosphere.

An artist’s impression of NASA’s Mars helicopter Ingenuity. (Image credit: NASA)

“As human beings we have never flown or circled outside our planet, so this will be a moment for the Wright Brothers, outside another planet,” said Mimi Aung, head of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter. conference on Tuesday (July 28).

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech / NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

While NASA and other space agencies around the world have sent astronauts, orbiters and rovers to the Red Planet, no one has ever tried to fly a plane to another planet before. At Mars the atmosphere is much smaller than on Earth, which means there is less production spirit to raise and more technological challenges in building an art that will stay on top.

“Rotorcraft flying to Mars is very difficult. First and foremost, its atmosphere is very small, about 1% compared to the size of Earth here on Earth,” Aung said. “To build a car that can fly on Mars, it has to be very easy and very fast.”

Ingenuity is tucked under the belly of the Perseverance rover. (Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

The brain weighs 4 lbs. (1.8 kilograms) and has two opposing characters that rise to about four meters (1.2 meters). Those instruments should rotate at an average of about 2,400 revolutions per minute, NASA said in a description of the Ingenuity missile. To test a helicopter, NASA mimicked a Martian situation in the testing room of the agency’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California.

While intelligence is only a test activity – its main purpose is to test Mars-enabled aircraft – an effective aircraft can build the future of exploration on Mars.

With the deployment of robots such as the Perseverance rover, helicopters can view the Martian area and help plan driving routes. With the same space vision, the rotorcraft could also be used to study planetary geology from a different perspective, and it could even help astronauts explore Mars one day, NASA said.

“This Mars helicopter Ingenuity could lead to the opening up of a whole new way to explore space” and to take “exploration missions to the aerial dimension,” Aung said.

What do you think about this huge leap in the history of mankind???

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Weaponized Drones: Illegally used by Drug cartels

Recently, a Mexican drug cartel has started to use explosives packed drones. The drones are used to handle their enemy cartels in their drug trade.


The Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion, have been using these airborne attacks as their common strategy.

They are believed to control 1/3 of the drug trade in the US, and have a even larger export trade, as said by Forbes.

The drones

Earlier this month a militia group formed by farmers in Michoacan reported finding two drones with C4 explosives and ball bearings strapped to them and reported hearing explosions which they attribute to the devices, according to Mexico’s Universal newspaper.


Three other CJNG drones packed with explosives were seized earlier in the year, among the weapons aimed at the rival Rosa de Lima cartel, the reports said.

Ball bearing

In 2018, one of they were used to attack a senior Mexican official at his home Baja, California in what authorities believe was a warning because the target was not home at the time.

In 2017, 4 cartel members were arrested with a drone carrying a potato bomb, an improvised hand grenade.


The quadcopter drones of different scales are available very easily, they are rigged with the brains of drug cartels.

The only difficulty is to get hands on the explosives used for the attack. But even with a bit of technical knowledge, the Improvised Explosive Device (IED), can be made fairly well.

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What if our Sun exploded

Do you think our sun is a ticking time bomb which could explode in any time, Yes it a bomb around as which might explode in 5 billion years from now.

Largest Supernova Ever Seen Could Rewrite Physics of Stars | by James  Maynard | The Cosmic Companion | Medium

Our sun 10 billionaires world it’s only expected to last for another 5 billion years, after that our sun will expand to become a red giant and then it will strike down to a white dwarf; a dying star cooling for several billion years of course we will all be gone in that time so what do you think this disaster might cause to earth? With name light supernova solar exploration would happen will be the most magnificent fireworks show the mind kind has ever seen.

Bizarre Data From Far-Off Star May Suggest a Solar-Collecting Megastructure  | NOVA | PBS

But from here you I will not see anything although the sun is 150 kms away from the earth and it takes 8 minutes for light from the sun to reach us. Do you think that super far away which the supernova can’t affect the earth? In that explosion terms we don’t get a chance; we want to completely safe from a supernova we should need at least hundred light years away from the sun.

Our sun now has a brother star, the first one ever found | Science Wire |  EarthSky

So what if the sun goes supernova tomorrow the first half of the earth facing the sun will be completely vaporized including humans, plants, animals and other living things and the other half will experience the rise in temperature 15 times hotter than a sun’s current temperature and there will be a permanent darkness; without the sun’s mass keeping us in orbit your would likely to fall away in the space while the inhabitants will definitely have a huge struggle on staying alive there is a minimum chance that our earth would fix into an another star which would be like same as earth but in that time we will be long gone.

The Sun Will Destroy Earth Sooner Than You Might Think

Marc Gabbana + Matrix Reloaded + Revolutions | Underground cities, Concept  art, Futuristic city

If we knew in that advance the day sun will explode, we must by 1000 years of time before it; provided we must have resources to substance ourself for that long we could move our habitants to underground because within a week after the explosion within a week of explosion the surface temperature of earth could drop to -18 degrees celsius, within a year temperature will reduced to -73 degree Celsius at this point the ocean will begin to freeze from the top down and within 1000 years the earth’s atmosphere will be freezed and collapsed leaving anything left on the surface exposed to cosmic radiation and meteor impacts will happen.

How Often Do Ice Ages Happen? | Live Science

So we must hope that in that time we would find another home for us, considering the chances of the explosion of the sun we must move into space as professor Stephen hawking said that “the civilization which doesn’t move to space will definitely die” although the explosion will not be happened overnight some does die and it will be a long slow arduous process taking places over billions of years we must always have that in our mind that sun would explode one day.

Sun | National Geographic Society

In that time the sun would get hotter and bigger and will start to expand during this process it will lose its outer layer to the cosmos leading to the creation of other stars and planets in the same way the violent bust of big bang which created the earth, the stars, galaxies and many more.

Scientists gather to contemplate The Great Silence | Human World | EarthSky

Who knows maybe new life could form, imagine another earth with new type of human being species; it’s hard to predict the universe and its galaxies so it’s all too hard to imagine and say our solar system without a star; our red big anchor holding all of the planets.

Warp drive - Wikipedia
The Men Who Made Space Colonies Look Like Home | Discover Magazine

So remember one day the sun will expand over and over, so the one who read this post in the future should better escape to space and also go to our neighbouring solar system hope that we will have that much technology in that future judgement Day. If you didn’t see our post on wrap drive which can only takes us to nearby solar system go read that too.

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Hey friends!So happy to connect you with this blog. Before seeing the agenda of the blog, everyone uses a mobile for communication, internet, sharing data etc. Well in this world without Android, does not exist.This pandemic made the sales of mobiles in a higher level and made the company in demand. As we know in our locality the lesser the mobiles are available in these days. Many people don’t think what mobile they want, they simply buy to show off and that may ends in frustation. Yah in this blog we help you to choose a mobile for your expectations.

Entering into the blog we can catogorize based on Gaming performance, Budget phones, Camera phones, RAM and Processor best mobiles etc.

Gaming Performance

Asus Rog phone 3

The most preferable gaming mobile in India. It has Qualcomm chipset, 8GB RAM, 64MP camera and 6000mAh battery. This mobile costs ₹50,000/-

One plus 8

The second most usage of Gaming mobile is One plus 8.It has Qualcomm chipset, 8GB RAM, 48MP camera and 4300mAh battery. This mobile costs ₹45,000/-

Camera mobiles

Apple iphone 11 Pro

This phone has A13 bionic chipset, 12MP+12MP+12MP camera, battery 3046mAh, 4GB RAM. It costs ₹ 1,06,000/-

Samsung galaxy S20

Samsung occupied second position. It has Exynos 990 chipset,12MP+64MP+12MP camera, 8GB RAM, 4800 mAh battery. It costs ₹ 70,500/-

Budget mobiles

Samsung Galaxy A51

The first place reserved is Samsung. Anyhow other brands are selling their product in market are cheap,this segement has a very massive features

It has Exyos 9611 chipset, 48MP+12MP+5MP+5MP camera, 6GB RAM and 4000mAh battery. It costs around ₹ 26,000/-

Oppo A53

It has Snapdragon 460 chipset, 13MP camera, 4GB/6GB RAM are available, 5000 mAh battery. It costs ₹ 13,000.

Battery performance

Poco M2 pro

It has Snapdragon 730G chipset,64MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP with dual front camera, 6GB RAM and 4500 mAh battery. It costs ₹ 14,000/-

Moto One fusion plus

Did you know the fist mobile company name? It’s Motorola. It has Snapdragon 730G chipset, 64MP+8MP+5MP+2MP camera, 6GB RAM and 5000mAh battery. It costs ₹17,500/-

Do Comment below guys which one attracts you and what’s your preference of buying based

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A Massive 118 Chinese Apps have been banned by GOVERNMENT OF INDIA over and above the 59 Apps banned earlier. Now we look in what Apps have been banned and how it makes a change in INDIAN TECHNOLOGY.


The ban has made some major Apps just been thrown out of the Indian Market. The major Apps that are included in the ban are:








One of the biggest Apps being Banned on this announcement is definitely none other than PUBG. An App which is making a 50M Downloads and around 33M Active Users is being banned. This Ban has been on See-Saw motion with people supporting and opposing the Ban. The Active Users or the so called PUBG ADDICT people are definitely against it’s ban.

Why I called Ban of PUBG a boon bane although ban of this makes many youngsters come out of it and saves their valuable time and money. But any how definitely a similar type of MOBILE GAMING APP will definitely replace it in a short while. Along with as huge amount of revenue has lost because of it’s ban a sum of around $204.5 MILLION (Rs 1.5 Thousand Crores appox) revenue loss will occur.


As these many Apps are being Banned a huge demand will be created for replacement of these apps and this will make the APP DEVELOPER’S of India go for their run and make from it. This will definitely boost the Engineers of India and also Investors to make everything happen in India and boost our Economy but it definitely takes whole lot of time.

Here are the 118 Apps that being banned by the INDIAN GOVERNMENT

Now do comment below guys do you welcome these ban on Apps and what will be your view on the future of Apps being developed in India.

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How does Torrent even work???

Thousands and thousands of movies and TV series are downloaded through the torrenting process everyday. Though the process is illegal, millions of people still do it and get away with it.

With high download speeds, accelerating as the traffic increase, which should not be happening with normal download, where the straight opposite occurs, the speeds decreases as traffic increases. How does torrenting manage to give these large files at high speeds, without giving away to the authorities.

Why is it better than Direct download….

In a conventional download or direct download, we download a file from an internet server, which could be highly efficient, if you are the only person downloading it. In most cases, a lot of people try to download a newly released movie or season at the same time, and the server slows down to dead speeds.

The magnet/torrent file

Torrent download follows a more sensible method. First of all, the link for the file having the file name must be obtained, this is also called as magnet link. It is the directory to the large file while the magnet link is a very small file.


Then using a client, like the famous uTorrent or bittorrent, it connects us to various other peers. The large file is then snipped into thousands of small bits, each bit is then named accordingly. Some peers called as seeders have the entire file, they upload tiny bits at a time. One of these snippets is downloaded by you, while other snippets which were already downloaded by you will be uploaded to be downloaded by another peer. Once you have the entire file, you become a seeder and help other peers to download the file.

The snippets are downloaded in no particular order, which can be seen when we try to play a video, before it finishes downloading, random part of the video play normally while other parts are missing, as these snippets are yet to be found and downloaded from some other peers.

Why is it fast?

Simple, if we have just 2 peers, then, each person has to take turn, by downloading and uploading alternatively, snippet after snippet. It is a painfully slow process. If we have 100 peers, then a large number of snippets can be downloaded in a short time. This makes torrenting, the perfect platform to download while we have thousands of people, who want to download the same file.

Is it safe/legal?

It is safe to download using torrent, just be sure to use a good VPN service. Apart from that, we have tens of thousands of people who download a movie or series along with you, and it is almost impossible to find you among those thousands people, then look for you to arrest you, therefore it is relatively safe.

There is an issue with legality, torrenting is basically piracy, which makes it illegal. The charges for piracy may vary from country to country. Though the probably of getting caught using torrent is next to nothing, it still is an illegal practice.

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A Japanese company has announced the successful test drive of a flying car

Sky Drive Inc. the Japanese company has conducted the public demonstration on August 25, the company informed in a news release, at the Toyota Test Field, one of the largest in Japan and home to the car company’s development base. It was the first public demonstration for a flying car in Japanese history. 

The car, named SD-03 model, an electrical vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle, manned with a pilot, took off and circled the field for about four minutes.

CEO Statement:

“We are extremely excited to have achieved Japan’s first-ever manned flight of a flying car in the two years since we founded SkyDrive… with the goal of commercializing such aircraft,” CEO Tomohiro Fukuzawa said in a statement.

Development Of SkyDrive:

A Japanese company said it had completed a manned flight of its electrical vertical takeoff and landing machine. Experts say the technology needs work and that it will be expensive.

In the 1880s, the first automobile was developed and about two decades later, the Wright brothers in North Carolina invented the first successful airplane. Today, the world is closer to combining those two concepts as a Japanese tech company said it completed a manned test flight of a “flying car.”


The aircraft has one seat and operates with eight motors and two propellers on each corner. It lifted about 3 meters (or about 10 feet) into the air and was operated by a pilot, the company said.


Tomohiro Fukuzawa, SkyDrive’s chief executive, said on Saturday that five years ago there were various prototypes of flying cars, usually with fixed wings. SkyDrive’s product, he said, was one of the most compact in size and was lighter compared with other designs.

SkyDrive was started in 2012 by members of a volunteer organization called Cartivator, and the company began developing a “flying car” in 2014, according to the website.

Safety And Design:

Safety is one of two challenges preventing the technology from becoming widely used, said Derya Aksaray, an assistant professor of aerospace engineering and mechanics at the University of Minnesota. Safe autonomous technology for eVTOL aircrafts is still being developed, Professor Aksaray said.

“These vehicles need to look at their environment, assess the situation and act accordingly,” she said. “They cannot wait for a pilot or an operator to say, ‘Now do this, now do that.’ We cannot wait for that kind of micromanagement of the vehicle.”

The other challenge is design: The vehicles should be powerful enough to carry any necessary weight, yet quiet enough to fly at undetermined low altitudes, she said.


Ella Atkins, a professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan, expressed mixed views on the practicality of eVTOL machines.

“They are going to be more energy efficient than helicopters that use a lot of fuel but they will be less energy efficient than cars because they have to lift themselves,” she said. “From a cost perspective, they won’t be practical to go to the grocery store.”


Mr. Fukuzawa said SkyDrive plans to begin selling a two-seat version of its eVTOL by 2023 for about $300,000 to $500,000. He projected the price will decrease by 2030.

“With any new technology, it will be very expensive in the beginning,” Professor Aksaray said.

Professor Atkins echoed that observation and said it’s unlikely that private citizens with a modest income would be able to afford one in the next 20 years.

Goals of SkyDrive:

“If this becomes successful,” she said, “I think that would definitely create a different means of transportation. We are going to benefit a lot by reducing congestion and overcoming the geographical constraints of ground mobility”.

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DATA stealing and Information sharing and Accessing-Hacking

Hello friends!Hope you are eager to know the agenda of the blog.That is DATA. Data is only the Information that you leave in any way without your knowledge.Anyway let’s see the main focus of the blog:HACKING.Yah, these days hacking are common and most are expert in it. Wait, you are in chaos.You may think is it common to hack something else? The answer is obviously, it’s common. For instance the youtube, facebook listens and monitor your speech and actions and suggests what you neeeds….. How?


A person who steals the data of a personal or property with or without the victim’s knowledge.All hackers are not bad, some may use it as weapon, some may use it as a passion to find the crime which are helpful in the Forensic. You know what are catagories of Hackers?

  • Black Hat Hackers
  • Grey Hat Hackers
  • White Hat Hackers

Before describing it, I wish to say the tools that they use

  • KALI LINUX(Debian Version)

Yah coming to hackers, there are BLACK, GREY, WHITE hat hackers. They have different agenda, but they ise similar GNU OS.Though Windows are used mostly, KALI LINUX provides major tools rather than any OS. Tools like Password attacks, Wireless attacks, Reverse Hacking, Forensic Tools are readily available in Kali Linux. Many of may be frustaed to use, even myself have used Kali Linux for nearly 200 days for learning Python. But for Passionate Hackers it’s the best tool. Open sources of tools are accessed in Linux rather than anyother OS.

What you think about their platform? The direct answer is Internet, Social Media that you use,update. Yes,any information about you is a DATA for Hackers. The aim of Hackers are not only to steal the data but also to sell or buy illegal things by accessing the DARK WEB. They have ensusred their safety with firewalls both by Hardware and Software. A Firewall is a layered security patch that is difficult to access one’s computer or system.Normally Hackers find the layers easily, but some firewalls have different patterns to crack or hack it.

These are the safety equipments that a best hacker has. Even some proxy sirw maintains the server from attacks.You are eagerly waiting for the codes, right?

The codes may looks simple, but working of codes are quite complex. The official page of KALI LINUX gives a Repository Link that will help the users of Linux to update and upgrade. Only terminal helps hacker to gain any detail.In WINDOWS we use Power shell or Command Prompt.

Terminal-Kali Linux

For better instance Windows user can check their IP address by cmd using “ipconfig” whereas in Kali Linux user can type “ifconfig” for same function. The thing is Linux has many tools thay are favourable to Hackers.

In Kali Linux too there are many confusions, you may see in terminal either a root user or guest user. So there are more privileges to root user than the guest user. The most powerful tools used in LINUX are listed below

  • Nmap
  • Metasploit
  • Aircrack-ng
  • John-The Ripper

Obviously, everyone shows a keen interest towards Ethical Hacking or Hacking. But the thing is it’s not that much easy. NSA, FBI will watch and Track us each and every moment. Guys, don’t pretend to show fake IP, because NSA can take back your history from your access point. Once they launch Reverse Engineering it’s a easy thing to find your IP rather than the IP you have connected fakely. Experts know it well rather than all.

Generally metasploit frameworks are payload, injected into host. The passwords are cracked by John -The Ripper. Zipped files can also be cracked by this method.It’s called Hashing.Yah the Nmap helps to find the open ports of a site.

Normally those days DUAL BOOT is the only way to install many OS in a HDD. These days Oracle Virtual Machine helps a lot in installing various OS in a single software. So these days are technology developed time.Most of the users use their computer by disabled option of Virtualization. Ensure that you have enabled Virtualization in BIOS. If you wish to learn these, kindly know how to use then use. Some times in DUAL BOOT, your computer may hang due to the code you use wrongly.Don’t use this for a revenge or Fun, these are available for only education purpose. Utilize it properly.

Codings are quite comolex, but once you understand them, you can also be a hacker. Ensure your security first ans privacy settings to be disabled.

Reference Link: (for Linux)

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As Marketing especially Digital Marketing is now reaching a different dimension of reach in 21st Century. There’s also ways to earn from these Marketing strategies using Social Media, Affiliate Marketing. Now in this we see how you can use Affiliate Marketing a source of Income.


Affiliate Marketing is simply a way of Marketing other’s Products or content in your Personal Blog Page, Social Media and even on Website’s. The Consumers or Followers of yours when reach out the products by using the link you provided then you get a desired commission for your work.


1. First Find and join an Affiliate Program.

2. Choose which offers you need to promote and which relevants your work.

3. Now get an Affiliate Link from the owner of the product or content.

4. Then Share those Links on your Blogs, Social Media’s and Websites so that people make use of those links.

5. Now then you can get commission whenever someone buys a product using the Links on your Online Platforms.

The commissions provided by various Services differs but at an extreme of 50% of the Product Commission you can earn by using of the Affiliate Marketing programs.


People Ask why Affiliate Marketing what is it’s benefits is it safe and lots of questions will come and go. The Affiliate Marketing is one of the most safest way to earn on the Digital World. There are many platforms which only provides genunie Links and it is very authentic to use and earn from it.

Then coming to the Marketing in this you doesn’t need to create or develop or supply none of the harder things doesn’t belongs to your side. Your Job is so simple just make sure that the product reached more audiences and you can earn from it. The Affiliate Marketing strategy doesn’t consume more and effort hence it is the most simplest way to earn on Digital World.


As We said there are many Sites/Platforms for authentic Affiliate Marketing Links and other Stuffs some of them are:

1. Amazon Affiliates

2. Affiliate Window

3. ShareAsale

4. Adwork Media

5. TradeDoubler

Do go through the Rules and Regulations of each sites before making use of it. Make sure you use the Legitimate one to make money.

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Ways that earth could end !

There are many ways that earth will be gone forever, so let’s discuss about the ways that it can end.

Here are the 15 known facts arranged in a order so see that step by step. In this type first few are the cause which we could stop but after that we see about the fatel of earth.


With no exceptions every country is trying to build a nuclear weapon for their protection. Albert Einstein said that we have built our mouse traps in which I don’t know what will be the weapon we use in world war 3 we will use sticks and stones in world war 4. After all this information countries still built their own nuclear weapons or buy from their allies not so soon but one day if you keep on building this we will tend to be use that in war; the greatest nuclear weapon is invented during 1960 Russia’s TSAR bomb which is equal to 1 mega 10 CMP TNT see that 1 ton equals 1000kgs; so what will be the other countries invented over a long period of time; not only because of the explosion but also the cause of spoil in ecosystem because of the bomb’s radiation, now if you didn’t see our post on cobalt bomb go see that now.

The Threat of Nuclear War and Climate Change


This will be shoes cost where human will be eradicated completely on the earth and earth also might lead to its last time; over the time period earth has polluted with enormous amount of CO2 released by the factories and the pollution this is not about the political talk on climate change but also the serious effects that made in Antarctica, Greenland and forest fires.

Your Guide to Talking With Kids of All Ages About Climate Change | NRDC

13. Synthetic biology.

Have you ever hear this term because many will not be familiar this is why we are in the beginning stage of the synthetic biology which makes us to change the DNA itself from the base  making a small insects two biggest nightmare as monsters and also a small chicken to a dinosaur. So small accident in a lab might cause a greatest to destruction also countries are thinking to use this technology in the war by creating a new race of human being are animals which can be controlled. Did you see our post on genetic tailoring if not go see that now!

Synthetic Biology


Nanotechnology in Medicine: Technology Trends

I know people are using it very gracefully in the medical field and innovation field the fearless upon inventing new things in nanotechnology in which disease might reduces which we can’t see or control this might include in in atom size neutrino size or this might hijack the entire system main things to think because of the uranium extraction of new isotopes are the leading innovations of this team so this might lead to to use nanotechnology in war which cannot be found what happened because of it.


Coronavirus: What India can learn from the deadly 1918 flu - BBC News

Each and everyone are familiar with this term global pandemic because of the present situation caused by coronavirus this is not the first global pandemic this is the one which followed by black death, Spanish flu, ebola, cholera and many more; black death took a entire population of the 1/3 in Europe, Spanish flu infected 1/3 population and ebola and cholera pulled down the African countries; and some global pandemic also changed to and endemic like HIV AIDS so like this economy drop because of the coronavirus might lead to entire eradication of the entire year world. Sue China please keep your hands clean.

COVID-19: This is a Global Pandemic – Let's Treat it as Such | SOAS Blog

10. Super volcanoes

Come Hell or Supervolcano, Humanity Will Be Alright | Discover Magazine

Everybody or not near a volcano but also they don’t know what a mighty volcano can do to earth if it explodes on its full force example like yellow stone volcano; but there is also many hidden volcanoes under the earth surface and the oceans is might also caused huge destruction like earthquake, tsunami and etc. Science evidences say that due to volcanic eruption under the earth changes the plates and cost life eradication of 90 % so also in future we might expect huge exploding volcanoes.

9. A.I

Business Reporter BrandVoice: How Forward-Thinking CFOs Are Leading The AI  Charge

Hello there for matrix and terminator fans also many more; now people and corporates are using facilities as they are gifts from heaven like stimulations robots super computers and quantum computers. In future this might over take the human intelligence if it doesn’t work and human it will make work human for it and also might destroy us by mistake in or intentionally. Professor Stephen hawking said this briefly.

8. Dark energy.

Big Bang - Wikipedia

Many people not hear about this term dark energy which is almost 68 percentage of universe is made of this and also they don’t have a result for an allergy for this scientist are still researching about the dark energy this theoretical analogy says that this could end up our whole galaxy not only our earth this is because of the expansion of the universe old bridge of time about hundred billion years total in years this universe might not expand so long as the word elasticity it has a limit so the expansion too this causes a BIG RIP to each and every galaxy which also includes small to big like protons neutrons in atoms to the biggest stars and black holes.

7. Asteroid attacks.

NASA unveils plan to safeguard Earth from asteroid attacks

This has already happened in the earth which destroyed the whole dinosaur dynasty whitch is said by scientific research which has happened before 600 crores  years back; in 2009 biggest asteroid attack is taken place in Jupiter in which the result has been million times higher than the Hiroshima Nagasaki nuclear bomb this has happened because of the jupiter’s higher gravitational force in which Jupiter and Saturn protect as from the the asteroids over the solar system. sometimes it may fail to protect us and that would be end of the earth. This prediction is taken in count because each and every day many asteroids are found in our own solar system.

6. Solar superstorm.

Geomagnetic storm - Wikipedia

We are facing this storm every time which is protected by our earth’s magnetic field and we get that as Arora. But if this happens in a bigger scale our earth magnetic field could not take it it the last super solar storm was taken place in the year 1859 so if this happens now all the communication system, electrical system, automobiles will be fail to operate. this could lead into stone age or analogue age; so nothing can stop this if this happened.

5. Intergalactic collation.

PDF) Microbiology: Antibiotics and adiposity

You need to know this now our galaxy and Andromeda galaxy will collide in 3.75 billion years because Andromeda galaxy is coming towards milky way galaxy towards speed of 300 kilometre per hour. This new galaxy has  2x stars off milky way galaxy after this collection stars from our galaxy and the galaxy this time our stars and galaxy stars collide which leads to a shoes space destruction in that your might also destroyed.

4. Alien attack. Watch World War A: When Aliens Attack | Prime Video

This is the topic you have been waiting for or a long time in which Stephen hawking said that don’t search for aliens they might rule you after finding them although intelligent life is rare in this universe there is a probability of other lives in other solar systems show aliens might take over the earth and kill the humans when they find us.

3. Colliding with Mars

Giant-impact hypothesis - Wikipedia

Everybody thanks man what are you saying!, Everyone knows both are in different surrounding zones but after millions of years the space between them might be different due to the gravitational force of Jupiter and Saturn so there might be a possibility earth will collide with mars. So Elon mask take you planet aside from earth.

2. Black holes

What would happen if Earth fell into a black hole?

In our solar system there is no black hole in our milky way galaxy there are lots of black holes hidden in which that might swallow the earth; before its swallowing the earth it makes the earth is a tiny particle so in this process earth will be crushed into dust. What do you think ok going to a fifth dimension by this process ofcourse not you will be crushed with the earth.

1. What do you think?

Global Link Question - Question Mark Unknown Pokemon, HD Png Download -  kindpng

Hey guys what do you think this is the one of the important fact which everyone likes because your 8 might destroyed because of unknown factor no one knows what will happen the reason might be anything for the apps destruction so hope that should not happen one day.

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TOP BLOGGING PLATFORMS – which is the best for beginners – short comparison

blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page. In this we are going to see the best blogging platforms.

Top Blogging Platforms:

Picked Up Best Blogging Platforms:


WordPress ( is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQL  or MariaDB database. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes. WordPress was originally created as blog publishing-system, but has evolved to support other types of web content including more traditional mailing list and forums, media galleries, membership sites, learning management system (LMS) and online stores. WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites, including 33.6% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2019 . WordPress is one of the most popular content management system solutions in use. WordPress has also been used for other application domains such as pervasive display system (PDS).


Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. The blogs are hosted by Google and generally accessed from a subdomain of

Blogs can also be served from a custom domain owned by the user (like by using DNS facilities to direct a domain to Google’s servers. A user can have up to 100 blogs per account.

Up until May 1, 2010, Blogger also allowed users to publish blogs to their own web hoisting server via FTP. All such blogs had to be changed to either use a subdomain, or point their own domain to Google’s servers through DNS.Get access to data on 1088362 websites that are Blogger Customers. We know of 459570 live websites using Blogger and an additional 628,792 sites that used Blogger historically and 16,019 websites in India.

3.WIX: Ltd. is an Israeli software company, providing cloud-based web development services. It allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools. Along with its headquarters and other offices in Israel, Wix also has offices in Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Lithuania, the United States, and Ukraine. A world-class platform to over 180 million users in 190 countries, empowering everyone to express themselves and build their online presence.

Comparison Of WordPress vs. Blogger vs. Wix:

wpcom-best-free-blog-siteblogger-best-blogging-platform-freewix-free-blog-site-to start-new-blog
Ease of use8/109/107/10
Mobile responsiveYesYesYes
HostingFREE ( subdomain)FREE ( subdomain)FREE ( subdomain)
Custom domain optionYes, On Premium Plans by WordPressYes, Buy a Custom domain from third party domain providersYes, On Premium Plans by Wix
Updates and New featuresFrequentlyRarelyFrequently
Social media integrationYesYesYes
VisitVisit and start a blogVisit and start a blogVisit and start a blog
comparison of top blog platforms



  • No setup required, free hosting and domain ( subdomain)
  • Easy to use, beginner-friendly
  • Security checked by – Jetpack essential features
  • Hundreds of free themes


  • Limited options to extend or modify your blog
  • You cannot use custom plugins.
  • You cannot monetize your blog, cannot add ads and earn money.
  • Technically, you don’t have ownership over your blog as your blog works as one of subdomains. Your site can be suspended anytime for the violation of the terms.



  • Blogger is simple – simplicity is the best thing about this platform.
  • No setup required, free hosting and domain ( subdomain)
  • Security enhanced by Google
  • You can earn money via Google AdSense.


  • Limited options to modify and customize, limited templates
  • If your site grows and you want to upgrade, there are no options to upgrade – migrating to another platform is quite confusing.
  • You can no complete authority over your blog which is why your blog can be suspended anytime.
  • Less support, fewer updates and new features.



  • Beautiful designs created by Wix ADI or easy to use drag and drop site builder
  • Plenty of design templates available – about 500 templates available.
  • When your site becomes popular, you can anytime upgrade with the premium plan.


  • Limited features and customization options, you cannot change the template later.
  • Free Wix blog shows Wix ads on your site.
  • You have no complete authority over your blog which is why your blog can be suspended any time.

Final Thoughts:

And yes, all these three blog sites are cool enough to start a new blog.

If you are already using any of the platforms, feel free to leave a comment below.

Want to create a complete website, view the best CMS platforms compared.

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Overlook of the world due to COVID-19

Welcome you once again to this page, let us see what does this blog comprises of.Before the pandemic and after the pandemic are the part of Life. Yah, that is we are going to content this blog in the ways of Technology.

Ouick overview of Lifestyle-before pandemic the world functions regularly. None can stop a process of being regularity.Technologies are in the proper hands to use.There are many things to describe, but by technology those days deals with a process with humans rather Robots and Automation. The delay or lag is the only major thing we missed. IT and Cyber crime did their works well and quick manner.Even the tools and softwares are enhanced on those days.Ayurvedic medicines are only know rather thier usage.

Oucik overview of Lifestyle-after pandemic situations, everything stops. Only the date and day changes irrespective of anything. Even there is a demand in Technology, means that robotics, AI, Automation plays a major role. Obviously the Medical field got more forced by passionate.Zafi Robots,AI, IoT, DataScience, Big Data, Cyber crime activities are increased these days.Ayurvedic medicines are sold with thier awareness rather than anyother medicines.

Technology-only non stoppable thing

Even transports, restaurants,banks, theatres are closed these days, on this pandemic occasion entered a new change, which is a small change by word and huge in the field. Many people started online business, students continue their studies in online with various software and OS. IoT, Big Data, Data Science gives us the accurate analytics of the world. Cyber crime and cyber security get vulnerable than those days. Many stusents are aware of being tracked by thier personal details of their devices. Foretells entered into this world as softwares and OS

Softwares and OS with Internet, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, Data Science

We know that this era is digitalized and fully made of Computers and Chips. The main parts of human generally are Heart and Brain. VLSI a major subject for Communication Engineering also has the role in networking and processors of a computer.

This are recent technology that everyone waiting for. Already some may know about Cloud, Data Science, IoT, Big Data etc.Where ever the technologies develop, the integrity of Computers also have equal role to compensate the action of Technology.

Operating System

As for Humans these are brain that connects heart. For computers this is the brain and HDD or SSD play as heart. VLSI are nerveous systems to enhance the operation or task to be performed. Operating system simply functions based on their features in it.

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Oracle
  • Parrot Security OS

These are some OS that have good image and popularly known OS.Recent days their uses are more in cyber security and among varous educational fields.

Other improvement over these OS are these can now be run in a single OS.Dear friends, obviously you can run 10(nos) OS in a single software. No need to worry for Dual Boot. Ensure that you are enabled your Virtualozation ON from your BIOS of the system you are going to use.

Virtual Box

The most downloaded and populary reached software is Virtual Box. You can manage the OS settings in this software.All can use this software. To install any over in this, the .iso file of the OS is required and needed to be installed.

So students and IT professional can make use of this softwares. The reason why people use more than one OA is that some TOOLS are not enabled in the OS which they regularly use.

IoT,Data Science, Big Data, Cloud

In one word description they are foretellers. So everyone hears about this technology included Science and Mathematics. Basically these are based on Engineering ascpects of Complex Mathematical Equations. Clouds are different from IoT, data science.

Those days AI plays solo role, these days AI are intefrated with any software for the monitoring of any task. So developments and changes never stop.

Many of you may think about the topic now and have dilemma. What is the relationship between the topic and blog? Well I have stated “World” in the topic. These days Computers, Digital Marketing, Networking plays a roles in our lives than before this

Medical View

Those days only Ayurvedic medicines aee only sold, these days the awarness spreads over the world. Moreover the vaccines are also prepared by the help of computers and network. Before this pandemic Pulseoxi meters are used in the operation theatres rather for testing a COVID patient. So we can see the changes, either snall or large. They also uses DNA tailoring, DNA computing which are the most effective way of development that leads our future generation to next level.

ZAFI robots comes under Network, Computer and Software oriented thing. These supply the needs of the patients by serving food and tablets. Anyone can control the robots. They are human friendly and it causes no harm.

Doctors best friend ZAFI. They servers the tablets and food to the patient’s bed. It’s a remote accessible with Interent. There are many types of ZAFU robots. According to the battery lofe and the features they are catogorized and

We are still in the demand to meet the requirements of technology

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Gene Switching : A co-operate game on agriculture

When it comes to electric switches they make our work more desirable like if we want to on the lights we can, what if I say these concept is now applicable in gene ?

Genetics is the study of our genetic material which is called as DNA , our DNA is miraculously a part of our body which contains all the information which is necessary for our body.. even from signaling hair growth to formation of hormones and so on.. it is basically the secret door that when explored properly could leave us mesmerized.

During the severe situation faced in India including famine and drought made an urge to study plants DNA so that some changes in them could make them drought resistance and guess what we were successful in that research , scientist could possibly study the idea of how the gene of the plant is and could possibly make remarkable changes in them.

Wonder how ? let me explain, our DNA itself contains on and off code that regulates the formation of proteins and other information from other body , plant DNA also contains them ,hence we can add or delete them as we need. This process is called as DNA modification in which the gene is modifies by adding a small gene called as switch gene and then the gene is modified to withstand certain changes like these modified these plants require less water and they itself contain toxins which can kill them.

Photo by on

The benefit of genetically modified seeds of a plant is that they can produce more yield when the switch is on and less pesticides and so on but the fact is that they require specialized fertilizers and the most important drawback is that this crop once used cant be reused as the switch gene turns off for the second yield thus they have to be brought from the market and thus it damages the traditional method of farming too and thus it has now become severe boon to cooperates who has controlled our fields throught lust of more yield ….

Traditional method of farming is the one soul boon to save our fields and farmers from cooperate hands ..whats your opinion ? Comment below 🙂

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Cryptokitties: Breeding Virtual Cats equals $$$…

Cryptokitties is a type of blockchain game, developed by Axiom Zen. It is a type of trading, where crypto currency like bitcoins are used to trade for virtual cats.

The value of the cats can fluctuate from time to time, the owner can choose to either sell it for the current value of the cat, or they can tag along with other owners to breed their cats, resulting in an offspring with the characteristics of the parents.


The game was unveiled on October 2017, and by December, gained huge popularity. Genesis, their first cat was sold for $117,712 USD.

Kittie #1(Genesis)

The traffic was so large that the server and it’s transactions had to slow down for a while.

However, the CryptoKitty art is not on the blockchain and is instead owned by Axiom Zen. The company released some of the art under a new ‘Nifty’ license that lets players use the image of their CryptoKitty in a limited way.

The Kitties

The virtual cats are breedable and carry a unique number and 256 bit distinct genome with DNA and different attributes (cattributes) that can be passed to offspring.

There are a total of 12 ‘cattributes’ for any cat, including pattern, mouth shape, fur, eye shape, base color, accent color, highlight color, eye color, and optional wild, environment, ‘purrstige’ and ‘secret’. Based upon the cattributes, the value of the cats may increase or decrease. In 2018, a cryptokittie was sold for $140,000.

The Cattributes

  • Pattern
  • Mouth
  • Fur
  • Eye
  • Base color
  • Accent color
  • Highlight color
  • Eye color
  • Surrounding


In October 2018, Cryptokitties reached the milestone of 1 million cats being bred with a volume of 3.2 million transactions on its smart contracts. In November 2018, Dapper Labs, which was spun out of Axiom Zen as the developer of Cryptokitties, raised an additional $15 million in a venture round led by Venrock. The company doubled its valuation in this round.

The Cryptokittie, is used as the example for blockchain by the German museum for Art and Media.


Players have spent the equivalent of $6.7 million and counting buying CryptoKitties, which can sell for as much as $114,481.59, according to third-party research from developer Niel de la Rouviere. The median price of a kitten is $25.04.

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As the movement of Internet is now reaching the even the poles of the world. The ways of reaching people to market and sell their products are also increasing in a tremendous way. The one big step for reaching people is the DIGITAL MARKETING. Now we take a leap to know more about Digital Marketing.


Marketing is not something that is new to our society it has been a very old traditional of advertising their products to reach people. The Traditional Marketing involves the publishing of AD’s in Television, Newspaper, pamphlets etc; whereas the Modern Digital Marketing involves the marketing in Search engines like Google,Bing and Various Social media’s like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter.

Now you will thing more or less both these marketing strategies are same to same then what is the difference. In Traditional Marketing you have to pay for your AD’s though costumers read it or not. Now come to the Digital Marketing here you have to pay for the click simply PPC(Pay Per Click) you will be charged if people clock your AD’s and view your content.


You would have seen in search engines showing two types of results

1.Paid(AD) results

2.Organic results

We all know that paid results are shown as the content owner pays the search engines. Have your ever thought how the Organic results are being shown what priorities makes them appear on the top. This is because of SEO(Search Engine Optimization). The SEO simply views your content on specific basis and shows the content of site of yours on top of the results shown in search engines.

To get on top of SEO certain things to be made right the things that makes the SEO of our site better are Keywords, Sites content and Rankings, Metatags, Back links and other aspects makes the content to appear on top of search engines without paying.


Now days we spend more time on Social Media’s than on anyother things. Then Marketing in those places aren’t a bad idea. Social Media Marketing involves marketing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedln. All these platforms provides a way to share your content either by paid or by organic manner. The paid Marketing simply helps you to reach the audience who are searching for content related with yours rather than reaching all. But Organic also a better way to reach audience but here you need to specific with your content.


Apart from Social Media Marketing there is another way to reach the desired audiences by use of E-Mails. In E-Mail Marketing you can share Pamphlets, Login Pop-ups, and many more. These are can be done by using Tools which provides Templates, and many other options which makes the process of reaching people easier.

The Social Media’s, E-Mail Marketing, and Analytics, and very other aspects on Digital Marketing have been made simple with the help of various tools that helps Marketing a simpler process to showcase your contents.

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Cobalt bomb is ever powerful of all mankind’s bombs.

Humans have created their own mousetraps a great scientist once said that is none other Albert Einstein

This type of bomb comes under it and it’s a thermonuclear bomb which can eradicate all the living beings in the planet so without any delay let’s see about this cobalt bomb

Nuclear explosion

In 1945 the first nuclear bomb explosion test was done by America in Mexico . Several scientists joint for creating this nuclear weapon including LEO SZILARD then the nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki but SZILARD doesn’t stop this research in 1950 he is introduced the concept of COBALT BOMB. A Weapon which has power to potentially destroy humanity ; as it is thermonuclear bomb which is cased in cobalt 59 it is the only stable isotope which is found in nature but that doesn’t make the bomb more powerful also it won’t increase the the height and the bright light produced by the bomb; the main damage of the cobalt bomb is the maximum damage done by its radiation contamination on the area after the explosion have you ever hear about dirty bombs this is one among this also it can be called as super ultra dirty bomb.

The procedure is simple force the bomb is dropped, nothing happens when it feels in the sky because it’s just a shell and when the reaction begins inside the shell but when the process start inside it it’s the same thing takes place inside the sun atom. Thermonuclear bomb has more powerful explosion rate than a normal nuclear weapon which some countries has now. Cobalt bombs limit is determined by the number of components that it’s creators use show the charges can be reduced in this bomb.

This is not the final case of the explosion after the that neutrons from the fusion reaction converts cobalt 59 radioactive cobalt 60 which is vaporized when it is exploded after a while it condenses along with dust and wind also contaminates everything around it.

So what do you think about an average life nuclear explosion they have a half life of over thousands and thousands of years but in cobalt bomb the average half life is about 5 years so you can’t remained under a shelter or a underground base because the area would be too contaminated for radiation diseases theoretically it’s likely good to you stay there but not live there permanently the wind flows the radiation all over the miles throughout the places and almost the radiation level will be covered the globe

If a cobalt bomb exploded in Washington DC could lead to contaminate the end theatre North America so the consequences will be much more terrible than you think if bomb contains 9 grams of cobalt 60 it can lead up to 4.5 kg of TNT explosion so if it exploded somewhere in the earth it would render it and make the place and habitable for years to come so what happened if 60 kilogram of 132 LB of cobalt bomb releases 10 SV/hr radiation doses over 100 KM or 62 miles in this condition any unprotect a person without a proper suit will be there in 2 to 3 weeks by radiation diseases after the five years over the radiation intensity will decrease to 5 SV/he. On this condition without any medical initiation of the population will be dead in 122 months every people on that place will go on through their fatal of diseases.

So what happens more after more and more yours let’s think about 10 half-lives that’s equals 50 years the dose rate drop to 10mSV/hr in that place you can spend 1 to 4 days without fatal consequences for example a person who receives a X-Ray can receive up to 30 mSV, but even after 4 days staying in the contaminated place will change your DNA mutation into times faster and you will feel radiation sickness after period of 20 half lives which will be after century the rose rate will be reduced to 1μSV/hr Hindustan you can stay in that place and live forever without any dangerous cause ; but the radiation level will still be high enough also increases in the cause of cancers in that particular place, now let’s consider 20 half lives passed away the intensity will be reduced it will receive up to 0.004μSV/hr

So do you think this is enough to destroy the interview human race here are the disadvantages of this weapons which you doesn’t think about ; researchers in Australia found that cobalt 59 is not more even activated by neutron flux as powerful it can be, the radiation will be spread by wind it will not be even around the place so you can live in the place where radiation is not there and finally the main fact about the topic is cobalt bomb is theoretical modification of a nuclear weapon despite this cobalt 60 is actively used in many fields.

The good news is now one has developed hydrogen bomb in cobalt shell so don’t worry about that but we must consider the consequences it creates. After all who knows the information of the bomb might be at the paper of cell contains top secret.

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Computers in DNA:compatible with LIVES

After a long day,I read some informations from Internet regarding the Computing. Ofcourse, computers play a major role in each and everyone’s lifestyle and make us to feel the satisfaction.Hope we all are familiar with basic knowledge of computeres.Here are some more informations in computing.

Computers and Computing

A computer is a device or a machine that helps us for any operations, works,calculations,calibrations.Computing is a calibration or calculations based on datum. They perform various calculations,predictions that we have initially assumed in the chip of a conputer.Both words may look similar, but not the same. These are the terms technically coined to differentiate the operations or functions.Introducing this into various Departments, technology developed. All can do computing but only the reasearch based inventions are better in computing. Various prediction methods are implemented in the softwares. Network helps the programs to run.

DNA computing

The rays of light fall into the darkenss.Now it’s common to modify a gene either by Genetic Modification or by Genetic Tailoring.The computers and it’s role spread all over the world and makes unbelievable results. However the consequences are noted by Trial and Error.Still people wants to live artificially in some ways rather than natural ways.

It’s a branch deals with biochemistry, molecular biology, netwoking.The resultant is the computing of the thing. DNA protiens are sequenced naturally, they can either cut ot paste by some enzymes. They are subjected to a functions with the parameters and are noted, saved for future Reasearch Works.

Methodology for Computing a DNA.

When there is a proccess there will be a mechanism and obviously there may be many methods to achieve the requirements. Let us see a brief list of Methods

  • Strand Displacement Mechanism
  • Toehold Exchange
  • DNAzymes
  • Enzymes
  • Chemical Reaction Networks

Obviously a large amount of DNA is required for the computing and the speed of computers and network palys a role in providing the results of a particular task that you run. Time complexity, Network issues, Hardware supports, Software supports arw inportant in this field.

The DNA chips are being used for the process and some silicon micro processors are also uses in this field and gives a path to the leading world and future Generations

Before the modifications the results are obtained by the Computing.For instance if your friend’s father has a bald head, it can be avoided for his generations by Modification in DNA.Computing helps to solve complex calculation and reviews detailed information if a task is feasibile or not.Acquired Inheritance also plays a role. The only thing is we need to have a knowledge on every Field of work and Technology

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World’s Fastest & Biggest In 2020

In this we are going to see the world’s fastest,largest & biggest intersting things.

Fastest Mobile:

Apple is the best flagship in the markets. Since it has been working very hard to pushouts their success from 1 April,1976. It is the leading sales of mobiles phones in the all over world. Their customers feels the taste of Apple while they use it. It stands with the special iOS. It is different from Android OS. The Apple provides the world’s fastest mobile as iPhone 11 PRO MAX, it runs with the iOS 13 and it will be upgraded later to improve their speed & performance in the future.

Fastest & Powerful Laptops:

In laptops also Apple, plays a major role in giving their worth performance for gaming and rough work. It never gets tried off and runs until you go. Here comes our MacBook Pro which hits the first place in laptops. The MacBook Pro has the less weight and unique design.

Fastest Car:

This is the world’s fastest car named as BUGATTI CHIRON super sport. It can go at the speed of 304.77 mph fast. This car places a world record in speed and got the name of master of speed. The BUGATTI provides only 30 units in these unique model. The Chiron can accelerate from 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) in 2.4 seconds according to the manufacturer, 0–200 km/h (0–124 mph) in 6.5 seconds and 0–300 km/h (0–186 mph) in 13.6 seconds.

Fastest Bike:

The Kawasaki Ninja H2R is the world’s most powerful production motorcycle with over 300 bhp on offer and has a top speed in excess of 400 kmph. The bike is not streetlegal. … The 2019 Kawasaki Ninja H2R is the most powerful production bike on sale at present and churns out in excess of 300 bhp.

Fastest & Thriller Roller Coaster:

Formula Rossa is a launched roller coaster located at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Manufactured by Intamin, Formula Rossa is the world’s fastest roller coaster with a top speed of 240 km/h (149.1 mph). It is one of the thrillest roller coaster in the world.

Tallest Building:

The Burj Khalifa, known as the Burj Dubai prior to its inauguration in 2010, is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With a total height of 829.8 m and a roof height of 828 m, the Burj Khalifa has been the tallest structure and building in the world since its topping out in 2009. It is built with different tallented engineers to withstand in any weather conditions.

Biggest 7 Star Hotel:

The Burj Al Arab is a luxurious five star hotel located in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.One of the tallest hotels in the world, it is the seventh tallest, although 39% of its total height is made up of non-occupiable space. Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial island 280 m (920 ft) from Jumeirah Beach and is connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge. The shape of the structure is designed to resemble the sail of a ship. It has a helipad near the roof at a height of 210 m (689 ft) above ground. The rooms in it are polished with gold and some of the things are made up of gold.

Biggest Aircraft:

The iconic SR71 Blackbird spy plane is known for being the official record holder for the fastest jet-powered, piloted aircraft of all time. However, there has actually been a legitimate, jet-powered, piloted aircraft that was faster than the SR71, the A-12 Oxcart. The Lockheed SR71 “Blackbird” is a long-range, high-altitude, Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance aircraft developed and manufactured by the American aerospace company Lockheed Corporation. It was operated by both the United States Air Force (USAF) and NASA.

Biggest Aeroplane:

Antonov An-225 Mriya, the largest aircraft by weight, length and wingspan. The six-engined Antonov An-225 is literally in a category of its own, holding the titles of both the heaviest aircraft ever built and the largest wingspan of an aircraft currently in service. Mriya’s wingspan measures 290 feet, that’s longer than five semi-truck trailers set end-to-end.

Largest & Biggest Ship:

Seawise Giant, later Happy Giant, Jahre Viking, Knock Nevis, Oppama, and Mont, was a ULCC supertanker that was the longest ship ever, built by Sumitomo Heavy Industries in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan. It possessed the greatest deadweight tonnage ever recorded. Fully loaded, its displacement was 657,019 tonnes.

Largest Spacecraft:

Kounotori” provides very basic support for ISS operations by delivering up to six tons of cargo and has the world’s largest transportation capacity. Kounotori 8 also known as HTV-8 is the 8th flight of the H-II Transfer Vehicle, a robotic cargo spacecraft to resupply the International Space.

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Skyroot Aerospace: Indian startup about to reach space and beyond.

This Hyderabad based startup is aimed to reduce the cost of rockets without compromising the payload. They are developing their Vikram series rockets, which are scheduled to launch before December 2021.

As of August 2020, they have successfully test fired their stage 4, called the Raman engine, a liquid fuel OAM which houses their innovative 3-D printed Bi propellent liquid rocket fuel injector. Which has reduced the mass by 50% and overall number of components and lead time by 80% compared to conventional methods.

Their Launch Vehicles

They have a series of 3 rocket models called Vikram I,II and III. Named after Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, the father of Indian space program.

Vikram I

With a payload of 225kg to 500km SSPO and 315kg to 45° inclination 500km LEO, Highly reliable solid propulsion stages with proven design heritage,Miniaturized and Modern Avionics and Ultra-Lowshock Pneumatic separation.

Vikram II

With a payload of 410 kg to 500 km SSPO and 520 kg to 45º inclination 500 km LEO. Advanced Cryogenic Methalox engine replaces third stage of Vikram 1 .Requires Minimal range infrastructure .Can be assembled and launched within 72 hours from any launch site.

Vikram III

With a payload of 580 kg to 500 km SSPO and 720 kg to 45º inclination 500 km LEO. An Upgrade to Vikram 2 With Additional low cost Strapped on Solid Rocket Boosters. Requires Minimal range infrastructure. Can be assembled and launched within 72 hours from any launch site.

With an intention to send multiple satellites into orbit, Skyroot aerospace along with the help of ISRO, has raised Rs. 31.5 crore fund till now and has planned to raise another 90 crore by 2021.

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Sensitive information of the ERA:BIG DATA

Very happy and eager to see you in this blog.These days scientists and technologists,meteorologists states accurate data that happens or going to happen.Yah,many of you may think is, are they foretellers?Obviously no, humans are the creatures of God. This is going to be the magical and logical world of ERA. Data is the only source of each and every development, design, simulations

DATASet of Values

Data is an information either in the form of a number or in the form of words or graphs. Data are also encrypted and decrypted by various methods and softwares.Every applications and softwares has it’s own encryption for security.

Collection of DATA are used for various purposes in various field of technology. Intorducing a term Simulation, the datum are the main sources from which the predicitons are done in various methods. Well readers, you have something in your mind, if all these are mathematics equations? Obviously there will be a chaos.Right, let we read deeper into the blog, soon guys I know the eagerness.

BIG DATA is a field that deals with analytics,complex equations of data set. Three major concepts involved in BIG DATA are Volume, Velocity, Variety. Tracking of a process is enabled rather than observe. Extracting the data set is also possible in BIG DATA. Current usage of BIG DATA is applicable for User bahviour Analyitcs and Predictive Analytics. Analytics now helps in prevention of diseases, crimes etc.BIG DATA uses mathematical analysis, optimization for providing data sets.

Characters of BIG DATA

As decribed above “V”s and some are also listed below

  • Velocity
  • Variety
  • Volume
  • Veracity
  • Exhaustive
  • Rational
  • Extentional
  • Scalability
  • Value
  • Variability


It’s the speed at which the datum are generated and processed to acquire the needs of grwoth and development.Big Data is avalibale in real time. Frequency of Generation, frequency of handling, recording plays a role.


It’s the type and size of data who use to analyse it effectively. It access from images, texts, numbers, videos. They also finds the missing terms or pixels by Data Fusion.


It’s the size of the data generated and strored. The size only deicides if it’s under the big data or not.


It’s the quality and the value of the data being generated.


If all the system are recorded or not. Instance is n=1.


Verifying if the data sets have common fields of technology and other departments to combine the activity.


Whether the new fileds of data sets introduced they can be added and accessed.


Whether the size can be altered immediately.


The utility of the data that is extracted and used for a purposeful process.


These are the data that are in relational to other data when they are generated and processed.

Helping hands of BIG DATA

  • Media
  • Health Care
  • Government projects
  • Networking
  • Data computing
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Insurance and Policies

The above listed are simple terms. But for medical use, it’s hands are very useful for each and every one. Data of a patients are stored and monitered, predicted. Yah, there is also an information that will feed you up. It’s nothing but the IoT(Internet of Things)and BIG DATA wokrs togather.Which means now we can extract data from the IoT and can run in the BIG DATA.

The uses of IoT is unlimited in these recent times of 2020.Still it’s growth are enchanced and the development of IoT is still on. Once they are combined with the Big Data, for sure AI also plays a major role

IoT, Big Data, Data Science are leading softwares. Where MATLAB, Cloud Computing are already developed and some are still developing ones.

By this developed programmes, it will be helpful for extracring the data. Datum from the extraction must be ensured.

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Mesmerized Expression of Huamans on Pets and Holographic Pets

You can feel weired, how it’d be the pets and holographic pets.Rather humans, human loves their PETS. Most probably we have a dog or a cat or fish, or anything else. Coming to the focus of this blog, pets are awesome,adorable, lovely etc properties of Feelings are expressed within us.

Even we are close to our pets. They connect us with only LOVE.Think the situation, dogs and cats are extinct same like the dodo, sparrows!The ecological balance is going to be suppress at a higher level.We have to be ready for any situations to sustain life.Let us enter into the technological world and just enjoy the magics.

Holographic Pet

Alternative ways are created for each and every things. Sometimes they may satisfy the human needs and sometimes not. I hope many of you readers come across the word Hologrpahy. Obviously I briefly explain about it.

Seems to be a projection! Ofcourse it’s a projection.Hologram is a purposeful recording of a 3-Dimensional pattern which obtains the original nature of any object or any animals. The study and science invloved behind is know as Holography.It mainly focus on the projecting light to be recorded rather than the image formed by the lens. The recorded pattern doesn’t gives a perfect Holographic image in diffused ambient light is not so informative.

It requires proper decoding supports to provide a better Holographic Image.They also equipped with a LASER to illuminate and viewing the decoded Holographic Image.A small information about the real object is caputed by the light during recording and the decryption of the image gives the details of the information being recorded. Slow motion images are created to fix the correct Frame without being let it to the blurred image.

The above mentioned are the Holographic details. Now let we move to our topic Holographic Pets

The exact images of pets are taken in the form of Light and decoded in the form of Image by the LASER. Moreover this type of HOLOPETS are virtual and are anti allergic. The installed micro projectors in apartments or in rooms looks like your pet.It’s also very useful in the study of extinct species. Hopefully we have seen these types of Holograpgic Images in recent movies.They use this type of hologram to compute their DNA and simulation purpose.

Now an interesting information that feeds you up more than you think. AI is the leading technology implemented in all over the world. So the developers installed AI on this image and make sense of owning the pets as we wish. But are holopets fatally.

So the holopets have some advantages over pets in home. No food, no maintainance, no worries, no walking, no jogging. But they need to be feeded by the use of AI.Once AI is installed they behave as a real pet, they loves, adores, plays with us.

But real pet save us. Probably they protect us, gives a feel to adore with them.Means providing a life with food and entertainment.

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Gold Nano-particle : Harness the Power of Gold to Fight against Cancer

Can the precious metal hold the key to killing cancerous cells?

What If I say that the most desired Particle can cure deadly disease ?

Gold is one of the most loved metals not because only because of its lustre but of its noble property that it is yellow and inactive with chemicals but these are the properties we know , the nano particle of gold has some great qualities which is discovered lately

Gold particle has the quality to change its color and shape as per their size and when light is incident on the particle these particle they resonate . and they produce heat energy , this is an ancient technique that they use hue along with gold nano particle which when exposed to light observe frequency and tends to resonate give the materials a glow , the remarkable property is that these tiny particle tends to heat up acting as a tiny antenna and thus changing its size and shape we can accelerate them what is more fascinating is the use of this in the field of nano technology .

Gold nanoparticle are injected to the patients through into vitro and since gold nanoparticle are so small and innate which means they are present inside our body and since the size is 100 times small than our cells it can easily escape our immune response and it tends to accumulate in the tumors easily along with the blood flow as per the research conducted in test mice , these particle  then move inside the tumor cells and the decorated tumors with gold is now heated up by supplying with light since gold observes light from the visible range , it becomes easy to provide the patients with only white light

But the most cautious thing is the light provided should not destroy our own cells and thus many developments has been brought til date to use god nano particle in the field in the treatment of tumors and thus it serves has a great alternative to the chemo therapeutics which is indeed a painful experiment to go through.

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FIGHTER JET RANKING ALL around the world.


This Russian 4++ generation jet fighter has improved  avionics and weapon system also notably new precision-guided targeting capability and armed with a single 30mm aggressive shipping 30 autocannon with 100 rounds and it can carry rockets air to air, air surface, anti radiation missiles and various laser guided BAMS college with a pair of klimov RD 33 MK afterburning turbofan engine this aircraft can go up to maximum speed of 2100 kilometres per hour 16000 metres altitude and range of 2400 kilometres

Russia's Mikoyan says MiG-35 multi-role fighter jet completes ...


This is an American aircraft which can fight in all weather designed by Dan McDonnell Douglas is designed to gain an air supremacy in all over other flights . This is armed with am7 error short and medium range of air to air missiles and improved version of AI M9 sidewinter short range of air to air missiles with m 61a1 220 mm cannon with 940 rounds of ammunition uses PG 70 reader and power with the power of thread and whitney f100 pw0. Its maximum speed is 2656 kilometres per hour and it can reach altitude of 20000 and its range is 5600 kilometres.

F-15 Eagle |


This Russian aircraft is Mainly is a develop version of s27 is had a number of improvements in which in engines aerodynamics avionics and its design of construction its large two engines and combine with single seat gives it more power than any other also its engine allows to reach supersonic speeds without using and after burner this fighter aircraft is fitted with gsh 301’s 30mm canon with 150 rounds of ammunition and can carry a mixture of short range r-73 and medium range r-77 for air combat and various IR reader homing missiles it can carry bombs with an operator rocket-powered with a pair of certain 31 F1 s after burning turbofan engines. Its maximum speed is range of 2400 kilometre per hour and service ceiling of 3600 kilometre and 18000 metres.

China Receives First Advanced Su-35 Flankers From Russia


List of French aircraft with has 20 engines can do Delta wave multirole fighter aircraft design and built by the salt aviation equipped with a wide range of weapons they are file is intended to perform our supremacy interdiction Arial reconnaissance ground support in depth strike anti-ship strike and nuclear power missions which features with latest avionics systems such as tails RBE two double-a AES a radar also with the things spectra electronic warfare system the file is powered with the power of snecma M double-a to ETA burning turbofan engines and come into its specifications number it has a maximum speed of 1900 and 12 kilometres per hour and maximum range of 3700 kilometres and could fly at maximum altitude of 2235.

The Rafale, the latest Dassault Aviation combat aircraft: introduction


As it is difficult to spell income from USA aaj this multirole fighter aircraft developed mainly for the US navy the super hornet has an international 20mm m61 rotary cannon and can carry air to air missiles and have to surface weapons specially to attack navy ships it is equipped with a PG 73 and AP 279 radar manufactured by Raytheon. It’s anap 279 active electronically scanned array radar increases hornet’s air to air target detection and tracking range and provides higher resolution at to ground mapping at long rangers the super hornet is armed with advanced weapons system and is powered with the pair of general electric f4 not 4G 400 turbofan it can fly up to maximum speed of 1915 kilometres per hour and 15 km per hour also has a maximum range of 2346 kilometres and maximum altitude of more than 15000 metres.

Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet - Wikipedia


This is created by four nations which includes Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy this has four plain Delta Wings beyond visual range of close air fighter aircraft with surface attack capability it is a highly agile craft design to supremely effective on dockfighter in the combatit uses the capture rcr 90 data and it is armed with various missiles also carry nuclear weapons and 27 mm mauser BK-27 canon with 150 rounds equipped with a pair of gyro jet ej200 afterburning turbofan engine it can fly at substance speed of over Mach 1 without the use of afterburner power its maximum speed is 2495 kilometres per hour and maximum range of 2900 kilometre engine flying altitude of 19812 metres.

Europe's Typhoon Fighter | Military Aviation | Air & Space Magazine


Do you think this is a creepy name yes because it comes from China Chengdu aerospace corporation j-20 is a fifth generation fighter jet and is the world’s third operational 5th generation Stealth fighter aircraft out of f 22 and F 35 and it has  superiority with precision strike capability this Chinese fighter has two large international weapon bay’s for long range r2r missile and to small side bay’s for short range of air to air missiles equipped with w 10B for a 31 fm2 after burning tab open it provides a maximum speed of more than marked to its maximum range is 6000 km and has a service ceiling of 20 thousand years this is why India should be careful although China doesn’t even have a number of hundred actress of J 20 but they are starting the production after the the controversy in the the land debates with India.

China's J-20 fighter carries a belly full of hurt - Asia Times


This Russian aircraft is a single seat twin-engine multirole 5th generation jet fighter being developed since 2002 for air superiority and data corporations the fighter is designed to have supermaneuverability stealth and advanced aviations to overcome the previous generations of fighter aircrafts as well as ground and naval defence the SU-57 is capable of flying supersonic speed without using it’s after burners this fighter has 10 internal and 68 external hard points for air to air missiles and to surface missiles and tight ship missiles anti radiation message and nuclear weapon also fitted with a single 30mm grass of stepanov GS age 30 autocannon which has a firing rate of 2500 rounds per minute powered with a pair of Saturn for one f1s afterburning turbofan engines it provides maximum speed of 2000 and 120 kilometres maximum range of 3500 kilometres and can fly up to an altitude of 20,000.

Stealth Death Match: Russia's Su-57 vs. F-22 Raptor (Who Dies?)


This is fifth generation single seat twin engine all-weather stealth tactical fighter aircraft developed by United States air force which is mainly created for air supremacy their f22 has four hardpoints on the wings each rated to carry two hundred and seventy kilograms which can carry I am 120 a a m r a m or external fuel tank the raptor has three internal weapon bays the main weapon back and carries 6 am are double am AI am 120 missiles and to join direct attack munition it is also armed with a single 20mm m61 at to vulcan rotary canon with 480 rounds the radar used is the a and a PG 27 and this raider used as an active in the chronically scans antenna are of 2000 transmitters or receive module which provides agility little reader cross-section and wide bandwidth covered with a pair of threatened Whitney f119 pw100 argumentative of fans it provides a maximum speed of 2400 and 14 kilometres per hawa and range of 2963 km and as a service ceiling of 20000 metres.

Extremely Powerful F-22 Raptor Shows Its Crazy Ability - YouTube


This is also a US based single seat twin engine 5th generation multi roll all-weather fighter jet designed for ground attack and air superiority with mutations the f-35 multirole fighter can perform air defence mission close air support and tactical bomb it can carry up to 2 air to air missiles or 2 air to ground in its internal weapon bay and is also so comfortable with A I A M 128 and our double am brimstone M B D A meteor and some other missiles the f-35 is combined with most advanced systems includes multi-function activate electrical scanned array that combines radar electronic warfare and communication function and the form formal are imaging Infrared sensor forward with single Pratt and Whitney f-15 learning turbo fine it can fly up to maximum speed of 1930 kilometres per hour maximum range of 20 800 kilometres and the maximum altitude of of more than 15000 metres.

MPC Presents: A Poster Documentary of the Lockheed Martin F-35 ...

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Petrochemical – Oil Rigs : Determines The Worlds Economy


Petroleum occurs in the earth’s crust in all possible state and various in color. It’s a mixture of various hydrocarbons of homologous series namely Paraffins, Naphthenes and Aromatic.

The word petroleum is derived from Latin word Petro-rock and Oleum-oil. It is mostly known as crude oil (or) rock oil.

Composition of Petroleum

The main elements are Carbon(84-86%), Hydrogen(11-14%) and other elements such as Sulphur(0.06-8), Nitrogen(0.02-1.7), Oxygen(0.68-1.82) and Metals(0-0.14).

We all know about the formation of petroleum (or) crude oil under the ocean by decaying of plants and animals over million of years ago..

Petroleum is made up of ?

The bulk of petroleum is made up of hydrocarbons of saturated compounds like paraffin, naphthene and unsaturated cyclic compounds mainly aromatics. Highly carbon atom present in the crude is C70.

Main components are Paraffins(CnH2n+2), Olefins(CnH2n), Naphthenes(CnH2n), Aromatics(CnH2n-6) and inorganic impurities are sulphur,nitrogen and oxygen.


The petroleum products are refined out based on the temperature of the crude oil such as Butane & Propane, Petrol gas, White Petrol, Petrol, Kerosene, Diesel, Fuel oil, Lubricant oil, Paraffin wax, Asphalt and Cobalt.


The marine environmental is the majorly selective for oil rigs. This environment starting from the shallow to deeper water.

  • Neritic zone – It is about 0-600 feet depth.
  • Bathyal zone- It is about 600-13500 feet depth.
  • Abyssal zone- It is about 13500-21000+ feet depth.
  • In this three zones, the drilling engineer will choose the correct place for drilling rigs.
  • Types of Drilling

    • Onshore Drilling

    • Offshore Drilling

    Onshore Drilling

    The onshore drilling technologies are been used in older days. In this drilling process, the land-based environment is selected and drilled on the land-rock such as bore-well, but this is more depth than the bore-well.

    The Hydraulic Rotary Drill & Cable Tool Drilling are the most used method. In this Hydraulic Rotary Drilling method is best.

    Offshore Drilling

    Drilling’s for hydrocarbons offshore in some instances hundreds of miles away from the nearest sand mass, poses a number of different challenges over drilling on shore. In Onshore drilling the ground provides a platform from which to drill, at sea on artificial drilling platforms must be constructed.

    There are two types of Offshore drilling rigs those that can be moved from place to place, allowing for drilling in multiple locations and those rigs that are permanently placed.

    Types of Offshore Drilling

    • Drilling Barges

    • Jack-Up Rigs

    • Submersible Rigs

    • Semi-Submersible Rigs

    • Drill Ships

    Jack-Up Rigs

    At the site, the legs are lowered to the sea bed and the platform is Jacked up to a safe level above the sea. When the drilling operations are completed, the legs are “Jacked up” high enough so that the rig can float freely and be towed to the next location. The maximum water depth in which jackup rigs are used is about 90m.

    Semi-Submersible Rigs

    It is comprised of a drilling platform mounted on columns above two large pontoons. During rig moves, only the pontoons are submerged. At the drill site, the pontoons are partially flooded so that the rig rides deep in the water providing a remarkable stable drilling platform.

    Drill Ships

    Drill ship is comprised of a drilling platform mounted on a conventional ship hull. These drilling units have also been mounted by anchors in the post, but today most are using DPS technology. Under dynamic positioning systems, they have been able to drill in water depths exceeding 2000 meters.

    Petrochemical Refinery Plant

    Jamnagar Refinery is the largest oil refinery, since 25 December 2008, with a processing capacity of 1.24 million barrels, located in Gujarat,India owned by Reliance industries.

    According to the Oil and Gas Journey in the world a total of 636 refineries were operated on the 31 December 2014 for a total capacity of 87.75 million barrels.

    Operating Cost

    Onshore Rigs operation rates between $8k/day to $45k/day, it may vary more high when the plant is large.

    Whereas the Offshore Rigs operation cost $800k/day approximately.

    Top Oil Generating Countries

    • United states

    • Saudhi Arabia

    • Russia

    • Canada

    • China

    • Gulf countries such as UAE, Iran & Iraq

    • Nigeria

    • India

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    Aquatic Treadmill:why should we do it in water?

    What is Aquatic Treadmill?

    Aquatic Treadmill is the simple & effective way of physical therapy, sports, medicine and conditioning. This is known as Therapy Pools

    Effectiveness Of Aquatic Treadmill

    These aquatic treadmill smoothly accelerate from 1 to 8 miles per hour and allow the user very friendly to correctly simulate land-based walking, running (or) sports-specific activities but without the body weight and joint impact on land.

    What are the Exercise can be done in underwater?

    Exercises such as walking, retro-walking, sprinting, shuffling, back-pedaling and plyometric activities are easily performed on the large, cushioned treadmill surface.

    Walking, Running and exercise underwater has never been easier.

    Why should we choose the underwater exercises?

    •Water activity is lower impact. The decreased weight bearing effects that buoyancy provides decrease the impact loading on joints. You can burn calories and get a cardiovascular challenge while allowing your muscle and joints an easier workout.

    •The Resistance created in the water while moving works your whole body including arms, back and core.

    •Water can improve ease of movements.

    •We can stay cool, Unlike land-based aerobic exercise sweating is not obviously in the water.

    •Water workouts can be great addition to an aerobic training program and cross training alternating.

    14 Benefits of Aquatic Treadmill

    1.Promotes early range of motion.

    2.Initiates gait training in a low environment.

    3.Improved cardiovascular stamina.

    4.Replicates the proper biomechanics of land-based movement’s to improve gait patterns.

    5.Increased flexibility.

    6.Impacts muscle strengths.

    7.Increased healing and strengthening of injured tissue.

    8.Increases ability to perform a wide range of plyometrics.

    9.Reduces Blood Pressure levels.

    10.Reduce joint stiffness.

    11.Loosing weights.

    12.Prevent injury.

    13.Increasing leg muscle.

    14.Staying in shape for a sport.

    Low cons for Aquatic Treadmill

    •The person who exercises in the water pools may get itches in eyes,skin and etc.. due to the chemicals such as chlorine,etc are added in it.

    •Daily exercising in the pool water may lead to cold and fever, this made them feel negatively unlike whereas in gym they do not suffer like that.

    •Big cons is that of weight balancing in the water, If possible, the person may fall and can’t control him/her if they are large.

    Take a chill movement and enjoy with your friends and family in the large pool program with aquatic treadmill.

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    Where does Deleted files go?

    Most of us have a lot of seemingly unwanted files, or documents, pictures, videos that we would like to get rid of. All we do is delete it from our device. Is that enough? Are we completely safe from that file ever appearing again, or that file being accessed by others?

    Recycle/Trash bin

    The majority of the OS have some kind of temporary storage of deleted files, just in case you wanted them back, or deleted them by accident.

    There is also an option to delete those files from this temporary storage, which makes the file permanently removed from the device, and it cannot be accessed by us.

    But this doesn’t mean that the file is completely gone……..

    What does emptying the trash bin actually mean?

    When we empty the trash bin to get rid of a file permanently, all it does, is it marks the space occupied by that file as available/empty, while the file remains untouched. It also removes the address of the memory block, where that file was stored, again leaving the file untouched.

    Some people, who expertise is data recovery, can bring back the deleted files easily, as it is still present in your device, and it is only inaccessible normally. So every time you thought you got rid of a file, you actually didn’t, you’ve just given permission to use the space occupied by that file, to store any new file by overwriting.

    How to actually get rid of a file permanently

    Simple, you can’t, all you can do is overwrite on top of the file, until that file is completely overwhelmed by the new files. Generally, one overwrite can make the previous file distorted enough to make no sense, but sometimes, the file can still be retrieved, just the quality of the image or document is reduced.

    Image of a city overwritten by other files

    Some people go as far as 35 overwrites to completely remove the unwanted file, so that it cannot be accessed by anyone again.

    Completely overwritten image

    How to dispose your device?

    If you think of selling your device, or sending it for recycle, many countries like USA and Japan, send their e-waste to countries like Ghana, as the cost of recycling is higher, compared to dumping.

    Some people extract the device’s memory disk and have even managed to retrieve other people’s private information. Hence the government information containing devices are pulvurised to protect them from retrieving it. So think before you dispose of your device. The best way is to overwrite the files with other files, for a few times. Then it is safe.

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    What’s KAI Really means?

    As we are moving into a more technology based lifestyle and we want the things we work on to be more faster than their previous versions. The KAI helps you to get free from the accessory things like mouse,touchpad,remote and other things and helps to control Laptops,TV,AC,VR control and all things by just the use of our gesture control wrist and finger movements.


    The KAI slogan itself says how this one works “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU”. The KAI Simply makes use of the sensor technology to control the devices and perform the operation without any contact with it. The KAI comes up with a Bluetooth 5.0 which helps in connecting to any devices without any hindrance.

    Once KAI is connected we can control the entire operation of the device it connected with it. The KAI can control a vast variety of devices with the sensor and the Bluetooth connectivity options alone. The KAI helps to give best working experience. As far as the gaming is concerned this is the best for you to experience a real time gaming controls.


    1.The KAI is very sensitive that it can recognize very small changes of our wrist and fingers of 1mm changes.

    2.The KAI provides incomparable control of the order of 10ms latency whereas an ordinary mouse takes 16ms latency which makes KAI a better one to use than our ordinary mouse.

    3.Any electronic devices made nowadays should be battery compatible that it stands out for atleast few hours. The KAI has sorted in this area also as it’s battery can stand for more than 8hours of time after charging for new hours.

    4.The KAI has a HEPTIC FEEDBACK which helps yourself to get a slight vibration once the program is done.

    5.As mentioned above the KAI works on a Bluetooth 5.0 setup as it helps to control any devices without any restrictions.

    6.The KAI also has a developer SDK which helps the user to integrate and modify programs according to our need. Thus we can use the KAI the way we like.

    Here are the controls given for the working of KAI to use it effectively without any hindrance.

    The Drones can also been controlled using the KAI gesture control thus it proves that the KAI has been of useful to the ever growing technology world.

    Guys do comment below how useful the KAI will be to your day to day life in controlling various electronic gadgets with your wrist and fingers.

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    Wireless Electricity Transfer : Tesla Coil⚡️

    Nikola Tesla always dreamed of creating a way to supply power to the world without stringing wires across the globe also he said no one will allow to give free energy. The inventor came close by completing the invention of with electricity led to his creation of the Tesla coil.

    The first invention that could wirelessly transmit electricity were ever around the globe, the Tesla coil was one of the revolutionary invention of that time period because in that early times radio antennas and telegraphy has seen as big invention, but using the antennas one person created a coil which is completely based on other circuit model of the coil it can also do things that are just plain cool — like shoot lighting, send electric currents through the body and create electron winds but don’t try that.

    Nikola Tesla developed the coil in 1891, before conventional iron-core transformers were used to power things like lighting systems and telephone circuits. The reason is these conventional transformers can’t withstand the high frequency and high voltage that the looser coils in Tesla’s invention can tolerate maximum rate. The concept behind the coil is actually fairly simple and makes use of electromagnetic force and resonance as it’s working principle.

    Working of Tesla coil.

    Mini_tesla_coil_circuit.jpg (685×497) | Tesla coil, Tesla coil ...

    The power source is hooked up to the primary coil. The primary coil’s capacitor acts like a sponge and soaks up the charge to. The primary coil itself must be able to withstand the massive charge and huge surges of current produced anything, so the coil is usually made out of copper, a good conductor of electricity we all know. Eventually, the capacitor builds up so much charge that it breaks down the air resistance in the spark gap. Then, s the current flows out of the capacitor down the primary coil and creates a magnetic field around it.

    The massive amount of energy makes the magnetic field collapse quickly, and generates an electric current in the secondary coil. The voltage zipping through the air between the two coils creates sparks in the spark gap. The energy comes back and forth between the two coils several hundred times per second, and builds up in the secondary coil and capacitor. Eventually, the charge in the secondary capacitor gets so high that it breaks free in a spectacular burst of the electric current. The resulting high-frequency voltage can illuminate fluorescent bulbs several feet away with no electrical wire connection. There are many videos available for lightening the bulbs with Tesla coil go check that soon.

    In a perfectly designed Tesla coil, when the secondary coil reaches its maximum charge, the whole process will start over again and the device should become self-sustaining. In practice, however, this does not happen. The heated air in the spark gap pulls some of the electricity away from the secondary coil and back into the gap, so which eventually results run out of energy. This is why the coil must be hooked up to an outside power supply with can can a simple battery.

    The principle behind the Tesla coil is to achieve a phenomenon called resonance. which happens when the primary coil shoots the current into the secondary coil at just the right time to maximize the energy transferred into the secondary coil which creates serge. Thinking of it as timing when to push someone on a swing in order to make it go as high as possible.

    Setting up a Tesla coil with an adjustable rotary spark gap gives the operator more control over the voltage of the current . This is how coils can create flashy lightning displays and can even be set up to play music timed to bursts of current in the concerts.

    While the Tesla coil does not have much practical application anymore, Tesla’s invention completely revolutionized the way electricity was understood and it can be used in a simple way. Radios and televisions still use variations of the Tesla coil even today.

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    What makes the Asus ROG Phone 3 different?

    First of all, this is a large, bulky phone. Slimness is generally valued for a high-end device, but the ROG Phone 3 needs to make room for its 6000mAh battery and a robust cooling system that lets the processor run at full speed for extended periods. The ROG Phone 3 is 9.85mm thick and weighs 240g which are both well above average for a smartphone today.Promoted: In the Stores

    The hardware is of course all brand new and top-of-the-line. This is the first phone we’re reviewing with Qualcomm’s new refreshed Snapdragon 865+ SoC, and the screen has an unprecedented 144Hz maximum refresh rate as well as no notch or hole. Front-firing stereo speakers should make gaming more immersive, and Asus also says the various antennas have been positioned keeping landscape use in mind.

    You’ll notice an extra port on the left of the phone, which is covered by a removable rubber insert. This is a combination USB Type-C Port with an additional accessory connector to the side. It lets you charge the phone or plug in a headset while holding it horizontally to play games on, and also works with a large number of accessories, which we’ll get to in a moment.

    On the right, but not quite as noticeable, are two “AirTriggers”, or ultrasonic buttons that you can map to various functions in different games. With this generation, you can not only tap and hover but also slide, swipe, and split each one into two zones. This gives you forefinger controls similar to a gamepad’s trigger buttons. There’s also an assignable shake gesture and a squeeze that triggers Asus’s own X Mode for better performance

    Asus ROG Phone 3 specifications

    So what do you get for your money? For starters, the Snapdragon 865+ SoC is a first. This chip runs faster than the standard Snapdragon 865, with one “prime” Kryo 585 Gold core running at up to 3.1GHz (compared to 2.84GHz), three more Kryo 585 cores running at up to 2.42GHz, and four Kryo 585 Silver cores for efficiency running at 1.8GHz. There’s integrated Adreno 650 graphics and dedicated logic for AI, image processing, video encoding, and security. This chip is paired with Qualcomm’s discrete X55 5G modem.

    The next big thing is the screen. Asus has gone with a 6.59-inch 1080×2340-pixel AMOLED panel with no notch. This is an HDR10+ certified display that is said to be capable of reproducing over 1 billion colours, with a 1000nit peak brightness and 113 percent DCI-P3 colour gamut coverage and Delta-E average of >1 percent as a measure of colour accuracy. There’s even an in-display fingerprint sensor.

    The refresh rate can go up to 144Hz, with manual increments at 60Hz, 90Hz and 120Hz plus an auto mode (and evidently a secret, unsupported 160Hz mode). Asus also highlights its 270Hz touch sampling rate and 25ms touch latency which are said to be advantages for reaction time in games

    You get high-speed UFS 3.1 storage and LPDDR5 RAM. There’s no microSD slot for expansion, though. There’s also dual-band Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), multiple positioning systems including NavIC, and NFC. Asus lists Bluetooth 5.1 with the aptX HD, adaptive, and TWS+ protocols plus AAC and LDAC. All the usual sensors are also available.

    The USB Type-C port on the bottom supports data transfers and USB 2.0 speed (480Mbps) and quick charging using the Qualcomm QC 3.0 standard. The one on the side, however, can work at USB 3.1 Gen2 speed (10Gbps) and supports QC 4.0 as well as USB-PD 3.0 compliant chargers, in addition to enabling DisplayPort 1.4 video output at up to 4K. The charger you get in the box is QC 4.0 and USB-PD 3.0 compliant, and can deliver 30W of power. The lack of wireless charging is a slight disappointment.

    Asus says that sound has been a big focus with this phone, and you get dual stereo front-firing speakers with dual amplifiers and Dirac HD enhancement and custom profiles for specific ROG headsets. High-res 192kHz playback is supported over USB. There’s no 3.5mm jack but a dongle is bundled, and this can be used with either of the phone’s two Type-C ports. There are also four mics for noise reduction.


    • The Snapdragon 865+ and 144Hz refresh rate are major selling points
    • Performance in games and general usage is excellent
    • The cameras are quite good in the daytime as well as at night


    The ROG Phone 3 is clearly not for everyone. There are plenty of options that cost less and are much sleeker and easier to live with. Your choices include the OnePlus 8 series, the Mi 10 5G, Realme X50 Pro 5G, and several previous-gen flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S10. All of these phones offer top-notch construction quality, displays, battery life, and cameras. They’ll even run games well enough to please 99 percent of people.

    But there’s that one percent that wants more. The ROG Phone 3, with its Snapdragon 865+ SoC, 144Hz screen, AirTriggers, and accessory ecosystem, is for this niche. These are the people who want to be the best at games in competitive settings, who want to show off, and identify with a “gamer” aesthetic and lifestyle. The good news is that the ROG Phone 3 is also a very premium all-rounder – minus a few touches such as an IP rating and wireless charging.

    Asus is confident that this is a growing audience, and that mobile gaming is a big enough slice of the overall gaming market. At the end of the day, it does come down to performance as well as personality.

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    The Important Gadgets Which Is Used In Day-Today Life


    Lifestraw is a brand that manufactures water filter and purification devices. This water filter has filtering capacity have gained popularity as consumer products. The first and main product was designed as “water filter” in the name of the straw. This method of lifestraw is designed to filter water and can drink it safely. It cleared about 9.99% of parasites and bacteria in water.

    Pizza Scissors

    It merges a scissor and help to cut a piece of pizza and pic a slice without any toppings falling of. It has ultimate pizza cutter blade. Pizza slicer with good protective cover. Has safe grip more than normal knife.

    Lazy glasses

    Lazy glasses has another name of 90 degree glasses are optical that allows you to read in bed or watch TV while lying flat on bed. Cost is about $25.72.

    Wearable air mouse

    This wearable air mouse is seem to be like in the form 3D or an air mouse. This process can mainly utilizes a multi-axis sensor cluster or simply infrared sensor. This mouse works when you keep your hand flat.

    The storm umbrella

    The storm umbrella resistant is not same as the storm proof. It nears the coting of strong wind and waves. The storm proofs upto and beyond most wind speed and can be used again and again without damage.

    Wide angle view mirror

    This mirror has the capability of viewing 180 degrees angle .Fit system clip on wide angle rear mirror.

    System of bike carrying

    The system of bike carrying if made in the process that you hike up a mountain with you bicycle on back so that you can ride all the way down without any pain on shoulders. Has a good grip so that we can be free whether it falls or not.

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    Non-lethal Weapons: the Modern Law enforcement methods

    Non leathal weapons are basically devices designed to control and regulate the crowd or criminals who do not abide by the law.

    They are different from conventional knives, guns and grenades, as they do not concentrate on killing or sometimes harming a person, but they are used to knock down the person with as minimum damage as possible.

    They are used mostly by the police and military, but some are available even for civilians.


    • Ammunition
    • Explosives
    • Water and other sprays
    • Gases
    • Pepper spray
    • Electro shock
    • Miscellaneous


    They are just modified bullets that can be used in a normal gun. The modifications made includes using a rubber slug or rubber pellets in a shotgun shell.

    The aim is to incapacitate the criminal instead of killing them. Other materials used are soft polymer, wax, plastic bean bag rounds.


    The different types of grenades, that do not aim on permanent damage like flash bangs are the non leathal explosives.

    The flash bang causes the victim to be blinded for a temporary period. Other types have a rubber shrapnel instead of a metal one.

    Water and Sprays

    Water cannons are commonly used to clear crowds and riots. Pressurised water is directly sprayed on the victim.

    Other sprays like Malodorants produce a very bad odour to keep the crowd away.


    Tear gas is a commonly used to clear riots. It causes irritation to the eyes and nose, and the victim suffers to see and breathe properly.

    Psychochemical weapons are psycho active drugs designed to affect the orientation of the victim.

    Sleep gas is another weapon, famous for its use in the 2002 Moscow theatre hostage crisis, used to make the victim unconscious.

    Pepper spray

    It is a very common weapon, some are even available to the civilians. The active ingredient is an irritant derived from a cayenne pepper plant.

    It has similar effects like tear gas, causing difficulty to see and breathe.

    Electro shock

    They are used to incapacitate the victim using electric shock to disrupt the muscle function and subdue the victim.

    The most well known form is the Taser which fires a pair of projectile and current is sent through thin flexible wires.

    Other methods are stun guns, stun batons and electric belts.


    New advances are made in non leathal weapons everyday. Direct energy weapons use energy like microwave to clear crowds.

    Other methods use lasers and laser pulses to cause discomfort to the victim.

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    Virgin groups new supersonic jets

    As saving time is new trend now thinks billionaires in which many people started working on this process. This includes space x, Blue origins Virgin groups and many more.

    They are fully focused on the process of saving time on travelling I which Virgin groups plays a major role here because they already introduced there prototype jets which are planned to use in space tourism but now they are moving a step ahead by this supersonic jets.

    Which is listed in their own website Virgin SuperSonic Travel

    Let’s see briefly about their design.

    With a top speed of around 2,300mph (3,700kmh), it could fly from New York in less than two and London to Sydney in just five hours may be even lesser.

    Virgin Galactic has revealed designs for a supersonic passenger plane capable of flying three times the speed of sound.

    This also includes a new use startup called Boom: Boom Super Sonic

    This project is complete separate from Virgin’s bid which wants to sends customers to the edge of space to experience weightlessness that has already completed a number of test flights using the Spaceship Two craft.

    This delta-wing jet by virgin groups would cruise at above 60,000ft (18,300m), far higher than current passenger planes, but would only have room for nine to 19 passengers. So this might be expensive.

    Virgin sources says it had signed a memorandum of understanding with Rolls-Royce “which they collaborate in designing and developing engine propulsion technology for high speed for their commercial aircraft” and has also working with NASA on the concept. So they have big hand on the market on this new type of travelling.

    US aviation regulator the FAA has also agreed to help work on a certification framework for the plane.

    Elon musk’s Space X plans a little more ahead like using rockets for travelling within earth atmosphere which takes not even an hour to go anywhere around the world and that’s a story for another day

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    The Bikes in our era has seen lots of changes with regards to model and in performance also. Now the innovation in bikes reach a new level with foldable bikes that run on battery backups which goes for a longer run. Now we see about a foldable bike launched by Xiaomi THE HIMO Z16.

    The Himo Z16 is crowdfunding based foldable bikes launched with the help of the youpin platform. The bikes are made up of Aluminum Alloy frame which makes it a light weight desired bike to ride on. The bikes weighs only 22.5kg and easy to carry. Only the weight has been reduced whereas its size has been increased compared to its previous model of Himo H1.


    The Himo Z16 comes up with 18650mAh removable Automotive grade lithium battery which makes the bikes to run on 3 different modes:

    1.Full Electric power which helps the bikes to give a 55km mileage.

    2.Power assisted riding which makes the more efficient with 80km mileage.

    3.Manual modelling the bikes are provided with pedals to run when the battery has drained fully.

    On an average the battery stands for around 6 hours of riding which makes it so effective for long run.


    Apart from the Frame, battery, space the bikes are made to carry to anywhere we go as being light weighted. The bikes have a Dual Disc brakes and tire which has an high wear resistance CST when compared to its previous models. The bikes also have an LCD display around its handle bar to track the battery backup, speed in real time, distance it had covered.

    The Headlights are featured at both the front and rear side. The red light at the back is used for the exposure of bike at the night times.

    What’s the thing that makes these more innovative when compared to others smart bikes are that these bikes can be carried wherever we go and can be used on any roads. Simply its easy to carry and ride on.


    Himo Z16 bikes are being priced at around $352 dollars and Launch date for the global market has not yet been announced so mostly it will be available at the beginning of the 2021. The Bikes will be released earlier in the youpin platform before reaching other global platforms.

    Now guys do comment below how exciting and interesting is this new foldable launched by Xiaomi and are you wanna go on a ride on this..

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    Prinkler-S : World’s First Temporary Tattoo Machine

    Have you ever thing about temporary tattoos for one day to-day changing? Here is the new Prinkler-S temporary tattoo machine.


    Get creative and design your own black work tattoos. Choose from over +5000 unique designs on mobile app. Old school, cartoon characters, geometric shapes and beyond, if you want a tattoo to truly pop, Prinker is the way to go.


    For all ages, including children and adults. Great for parties, events, festivals, DIY activities, body art, cosplay etc. Amazing marketing and advertising tool that will make your events and parties remarkable and help you stand out.


    Easy to use, simply find your design, rub Prinker device and have fun! Upload any design, logo or slogan you want and get it on skin in only 3 seconds! Get creative and have fun with friends and family.

    100% SKIN-SAFE:

    FDA VCRP registered cruelty-free, cosmetic ink. Waterproof, last up to 2 days, soap-washable. Prinker uses a cartridge with enough ink to apply about 1000 tattoos. Skin Primer’s unique cosmetic formula helps to fix ink and enhances the longevity of your tattoos. Max. tattoo size (W x L) is 1 inch x 39 inch.

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    How do self-driving cars work—and what do they mean for the future?

    Self-driving vehicles are cars or trucks in which human drivers are never required to take control to safely operate the vehicle. Also known as autonomous or “driverless” cars, they combine sensors and software to control, navigate, and drive the vehicle.

    Currently, there are no legally operating, fully-autonomous vehicles in the United States. There are, however, partially-autonomous vehicles—cars and trucks with varying amounts of self-automation, from conventional cars with brake and lane assistance to highly-independent, self-driving prototypes.

    Though still in its infancy, self-driving technology is becoming increasingly common and could radically transform our transportation system (and by extension, our economy and society). Based on automaker and technology company estimates, level 4 self-driving cars could be for sale in the next several years (see the callout box for details on autonomy levels).

    Layers of autonomy

    Different cars are capable of different levels of self-driving, and are often described by researchers on a scale of 0-5.

    Level 0: All major systems are controlled by humans

    Level 1: Certain systems, such as cruise control or automatic braking, may be controlled by the car, one at a time

    Level 2: The car offers at least two simultaneous automated functions, like acceleration and steering, but requires humans for safe operation

    Level 3: The car can manage all safety-critical functions under certain conditions, but the driver is expected to take over when alerted

    Level 4: The car is fully-autonomous in some driving scenarios, though not all.

    Level 5: The car is completely capable of self-driving in every situation

    How they work

    Various self-driving technologies have been developed by Google, Uber, Tesla, Nissan, and other major automakers, researchers, and technology companies.

    While design details vary, most self-driving systems create and maintain an internal map of their surroundings, based on a wide array of sensors, like radar. Uber’s self-driving prototypes use sixty-four laser beams, along with other sensors, to construct their internal map; Google’s prototypes have, at various stages, used lasers, radar, high-powered cameras, and sonar.

    Software then processes those inputs, plots a path, and sends instructions to the vehicle’s “actuators,” which control acceleration, braking, and steering. Hard-coded rules, obstacle avoidance algorithms, predictive modeling, and “smart” object discrimination (ie, knowing the difference between a bicycle and a motorcycle) help the software follow traffic rules and navigate obstacles.

    Partially-autonomous vehicles may require a human driver to intervene if the system encounters uncertainty; fully-autonomous vehicles may not even offer a steering wheel.

    Self-driving cars can be further distinguished as being “connected” or not, indicating whether they can communicate with other vehicles and/or infrastructure, such as next generation traffic lights. Most prototypes do not currently have this capability.


    The costs and benefits of self-driving cars are still largely hypothetical. More information is needed to fully assess how they’ll impact drivers, the economy, equity, and environmental and public health.

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    Dark Web: Scariest places on the internet…

    If you are one of the majority of the people who search all the information on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, safari and other default browsers, the following information will shock you.

    All the information shown by Google is just about 4% of the entire information present in the internet. If all the millions of information we see that Google shows us, the other 96% of the hidden data is just enormously vast. These sites use .onion format, instead of .com or .in, .onion sites cannot be opened using Chrome or Firefox.

    The iceberg represents the internet perfectly, only the tip of the Iceberg is visible, while the majority of it is hidden in deep cold waters.

    The Deep web

    The deep web consists of 90% of the hidden part of the internet. It is not accessible from regular browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

    To access the deep or dark web is a very risky procedure, one of the reasons why it is not easily accessible. You need special Tor browser, which helps you search anonymously and you have to use certain search engines, which do not save cookies, history, and doesn’t even show your IP to the websites you visit.

    Even though you use all the required browser and search engines, you are highly unsafe, you are in the position of standing in the middle of a battle field, without weapon or armour.

    Things available at the Deep web

    Even though not the scariest place on the internet, the deep web is still disturbing and dangerous to visit. The stuff people come searching for, which is also available here, are, anonymous chatrooms and forums, secret research and scientific papers and information, government information, which are illegal.

    The forums are similar to what we use normally, group of people who discuss and help eachother with various doubts. Similarly, a lot of people, who can remain anonymous, come hear to discuss about illegal activities like buying guns, drugs, learning hacking and other information about famous people.

    Accessing the private information of other people and the government is illegal, so deep web is a risky place.

    The Dark web

    The large portion of the internet, is the dark web. Even though more than 6% of the internet is darkweb, more than what Google can show, it is almost impossible to be found or accessed.

    There is no good reason for any human being, to visit or investigate the dark Web. All kinds of extreme illegal activities take place here. Even the government is afraid of the darkweb, people is the special services constantly monitor and close down any dark website they find. While they close one website, hundred new websites are opened, in this rate, nothing significant can be done to stop darkweb.

    There is no way to find out who owns these websites, from where they operate, how many people or who visits, all things remain anonymous.

    Most people who use dark web, know how to hack into your computer and open your camera, know you location, and other information. It is only safe to protect yourself using other measures like a good VPN, which is not available for free.

    What happens in the Dark web

    All kinds of terrorist activities take place. The terrorists can chat and plan with eachother safe from the outside world and the government. Basically, darkweb is used by terrorists.

    Anonymous chats

    Other activities that take place are, black markets, exotic pornography, human trafficking, hitman services, along with red rooms and other creepy scary things.

    The black market is a place where you can buy anything you want, from guns to drugs to credit cards, IDs, passports, etc. All transactions are done through crypto currency like bitcoins. Almost all black markets are fraud, they take your money and do not send you anything you they owe you. But again a lot of people get what they want, which again is terrifying.

    People visit the dark web just to have a taste of exotic pornography. It includes disturbing things like early teens to children, molested and tortured, and they sell those videos for money, in this case crypto currency. People also pay to watch the contents of hidden cameras kept is restrooms of various places, like schools.

    The human trafficking is a large business, that takes place right under our nose. A large number of people, especially girls are kidnapped, and sold in auctions, which take place in the Darkweb. Again, the identity of buyer and seller remains anonymous. The buyer can literally do anything to the person they just bought, use them as slaves, and other activities.

    The hitman services is very straight forward. You pay the services using bitcoins, they do not know who you are. You tell them about the person you want to get rid of, how and when. The person would be killed. That’s it, which is just terrifying to imagine.

    The exotic black market sells everything you cannot imagine, from human organs, to purse, wallets and gloves made of human leather. Nobody knows how they get the material to make it.

    The one well known thing about the Darkweb are the existence of red rooms. It is basically a live chat box with a video, which is streamed live. The host and guests remain anonymous. The guest who pays the highest amount of bitcoins can choose the host to do whatever he wants to a victim, and the video is streamed live. Again nobody knows how they get their victims.

    Should you visit deep or dark web?

    NO! It is very very unsafe to visit any of those, even though it makes up the majority of the internet.

    Even if you use Tor browser, with a good VPN service provider, a computer with a good antivirus, internet security, virtual machine with a good Linux OS and all sorts of things to protect yourself, there are hackers who are one step ahead.

    Your private information, like your location, IP address, all the contents of your computer is at risk. People in the deep and dark web might take note of you, and then your life would be a nightmare. If you end up in one of those terrorist chatbox, that’s it…………

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    MATTERNET’S STATION-A Faster way to save a life…

    Matternet’s Station you may have heard about it before or in near future you will definitely hear about it. The Matternet’s Station has the way to reach the desired healthcare in a faster and a smoother ways. Let us see how a station saves the life of thousand’s of people from danger.


    A Maternet’s station is somewhat like a base station which has a tower like set-up with its openings at the top. In the top, there is the launching pad for the Drone to take off. The Tower has a Cloud Computing setup to track the entire process details from where the drone takes off and where it is desired to reach.


    As already said the station has drone and cloud system which helps in carrying the load to the desired station. The Drone has the capability to carry Four payloads at a time saving enormous amount of time. At the time of rest the Drone battery gets charged and the system monitors the errors in it. The Load maybe of medical or Other Emergency importance can be easily delivered and monitored by these station.


    Around the World nearly hundreds of people die everyday because the necessary Emergency Kit or any organ part can’t be able to reach the desired hospital at the correct time because of various reasons likes traffic,huge distances etc., But Now these Matternet’s Station has made an end to all these quieres. It has made transport of essential things to save life in an fraction of time possible. As a result of this lots of people’s life can be saved.


    As the technique sounds great there are some issues still been left with this Matternet’s Station as the CEO of this said around 1500 travels has been made upto now delivering 8000 Emergency medicines, blood and organs. However there are one or two instances of the Drone crahses has been reported the company has taken all these in a serious note and they are coming up with ideas to make sure this station works with 100% efficiency.

    Now do comment below guys about your thoughts on this Matternet’s Station and it’s great value to human life.

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